project planning

Project Planning
Execute project planning more effectively with better control of people, resources, and budgets

project planning
Manage your projects the way you want.
Plan projects on any time period you want
Manage resources through tight integration with other financial applications
Test out different assumptions on the fly
project planning
Often using a project planning solution means following the processes and methodology embedded in the software rather than working the way you want. That’s not the case with Anaplan. Because you can build and maintain models yourself without outside help, you have complete flexibility to work the way you want, building simpler models for straightforward projects, and more complex ones for business critical projects.
No matter what time period you plan your project on results will automatically consolidate into the traditional monthly view needed by your finance department. This means you can develop project plans based on days or weeks. Because Anaplan has built-in intelligence, the revenue and expenses lines will always be consolidated into the default time period.
All of the information held in other Anaplan applications can be used in Anaplan Project Planning and vice versa. That way, named staff or role types can be quickly resourced from Anaplan Workforce Planning with their expenses being easily captured through effective start and end dates without having to move people from their existing responsibility centers. Likewise, all the project revenues, expenses, capital expenditure and cash flows are integrated with other financial systems to give complete visibility across the entire enterprise.
Anaplan’s real-time calculation and ease of use means that you can make rapidly make changes to your project planning models and get results on the fly. That means you can reforecast revenue streams and reschedule staffing resources in a matter of minutes and instantly see how your changes impact financial outcomes and timelines, giving the insight you need to make better decisions that prevent undesirable outcomes.