Forrester: The Revenue Operations Charter

Guidance on hitting revenue targets and sales quotas

How can you avoid the pitfalls that lead to missed revenue targets and low quota attainment? Revenue operations teams are improving operating models and streamlining planning processes to boost performance and deliver predictable growth.

In “The Revenue Operations Charter,” Forrester assembled a set of principles to help revenue operations teams maximize performance and alignment across the entire revenue engine. Forrester’s guide covers planning, processes, technology, data, and measurement across the whole go-to-market organization.

Download the guide for best practices and templates to help define project scope, delineate roles and responsibilities, establish team objectives, and identify key success metrics.

You’ll learn about:

  • Functional-level priorities and areas of accountability
  • Defining stakeholders and process interlocks
  • Organizational structure, available investment, and staff competence levels
  • Six key priorities to assess the performance of your customer experience (CX) team
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