Wipro Speed Planning: Agile planning to help businesses navigate through uncertainty

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The current disruption requires organizations to move at an unprecedented speed to serve their customers with quality while caring for their employees with compassion.

Speed Planning, powered by Anaplan, is Wipro’s solution to any crisis situation. It encompasses a rapid response framework focused primarily on business continuity planning. Speed Planning is a holistic solution that integrates data from all parts of an organization and rapidly reorganizes planning processes and refocuses the business plan in response to an environment of disruption and uncertainty. The solution also provides an impact analysis for multiple CXO functions to assist in agile decision-making: performing risk and scenario planning in supply chains, managing rapid sales planning, and supporting cash flow and liquidity planning.

Agile Workforce Planning: Always ready

Speed Planning looks at the whole organization whereas Workforce Planning focuses on the Office of the CHRO. With the combined power of technology and people, Workforce Planning allows effective workforce planning in real-time. The solution identifies the key drivers and use cases in order to holistically integrate external configurable drivers and macro-economics to perform robust scenario building and provide real-time forecasts.

The Workforce Speed Planning engine offers a methodical solution-driven approach to support you with:

  • Business continuity planning.
  • IT remote enablement planning.
  • Cross-skill planning and compensation modeling.
  • Compensation modeling.
  • Health and safety benefits planning.