Deloitte’s StrategyAccelerator: Powered by Anaplan

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In an age when up to 90% of strategic implementations fail, StrategyAccelerator, powered by Anaplan, enables collaboration, transparency, and accountability in your transformation office, driving the success of key initiatives across the enterprise. StrategyAccelerator was designed and built through application of Deloitte’s leading practices in program and strategic transformation project management.

Executing on a transformation vision includes translating choices into actionable initiatives, implementing, monitoring over time, and adapting based on internal and external shifts. StrategyAccelerator makes strategy happen by enabling the key activities in the strategy lifecycle.


Develop the transformation vision, define priorities, make integrated set of choices


Convert the transformation plan into actionable initiatives

Monitor and adapt:

Use comprehensive metrics to continuously assess the strategy and identify necessary adjustments

Implement and operate:

Engage and deploy resources, establish new management systems, and implement strategic initiatives