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Until now, enterprises have relied on inflexible planning systems built for another, slower era.

The result? An explosion of spreadsheets across the enterprise. Error prone, disconnected, non-collaborative, time-consuming, and insecure. Not a solution for today’s business world. “We had an ancient Excel® financial model that was sort of like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Now with Anaplan, we are saving days on a month-to-month basis.” Andrew Chapello
Product Manager of Business Applications, Box “Before Anaplan, this was a spreadsheet run exercise. I have been at HP eight years, and I have never seen a start of a year like we had this year, thanks to Anaplan.” Sue Barsamian
SVP, Worldwide Indirect Sales, HP
Enterprise Group, HP “Historically, we’ve done this through a rigid spreadsheet process. With Anaplan we get an automatic, total view of our trade plans accounts across all customers.” David Butcher
Britvic’s Director, Customer Change,