Every supply chain needs a cohesive strategy

Make the right connections

Customers are more demanding than ever before. They want it and they want it now, and your company must deliver on that promise.

As a supply chain owner, you know the complicated modern supply chain must be responsive to disruptions. Don’t let Excel, Access, or traditional supply chain management systems hold you back. Reduce errors, increase flexibility, and move faster by connected data, people, plans, and your networks within one platform.

A supply chain that powers growth.

Get connected or get lost

Integrated business planning (IBP) can deliver results and a well-oiled supply chain is key to that success. However, if you can’t access all of your data in one easy place you will hit dead ends or take wrong turns, resulting in your competitor taking the lead. Get your supply chain connected with the rest of the business and improve alignment and accountability across your business.

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Our 30-minute demo gives you a taste of what the Anaplan platform can do for you. From streamlining processes, ‘what-if’ scenario modeling, powerful collaboration features and more, you’ll see how you can transform your supply chain.

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Watch demo

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Attend the workshop

Seeing is believing. Join us for our interactive workshop and get hands-on with the Anaplan platform. Bring your own laptop and our dedicated experts will help guide you, even if you’re just getting familiar with Anaplan. After the workshop, you’ll gain free access to Anaplan for four weeks.

Workshops held on 12 February and 14 March in London.

Or, call 01628 321454 to find out more.

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