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FSN interviewed Anaplan CEO Frederic Laluyaux in London this week.
Read the whole article on FSN, and enjoy a few snippets here:

Editor:  Why did you make the move to Anaplan?

FL: The answer is very straightforward. I wanted to join a business that was going to have a profound impact – that is a company with a product that was going to be disruptive and shake up the market. I didn’t want to work with a ‘me-too’ product that would just rank alongside everything else.
“Michael Gould, Anaplan’s CTO, had done a great job in developing the Anaplan product. He had spent four years developing exactly what was needed to disrupt the market, i.e. a single modelling environment for the entire organization, ‘in-memory’ computing, the ability to recalculate massive models at spreadsheet-like speed and multi-threaded processing.  Yet despite these advances he kept the modeling logic simple. Once I saw Anaplan, it took me exactly two minutes to decide that this was a company that I wanted to lead. If the job was about restructuring an old company, or re-positioning an existing product, I wouldn’t have been interested, but this was a rare opportunity to shape the future of a whole segment of the market.
Now with the benefit of hindsight I believe I was absolutely right.  One very large global customer, for whom we are handling sales forecasting for tens of thousands of sales reps, says they have waited seven years for a solution like ours.

Editor: So is Anaplan a business planning and analytics company or a performance management company?

FL: Our primary focus is on complex business modeling and planning in the Cloud for very large enterprises.  We focus on the top 2000 worldwide. This is what we are good at.  But we will soon be releasing a more functionally rich consolidation capability.  We can already do consolidation, but our large customers are saying to us for the first time that they are prepared to move away from Hyperion HFM. That’s a major change and we are responding to it. We are not getting into the Last Mile and Disclosure Management, but we will be offering mainstream consolidation capability and, because of our technology advantage, finance functions will be able to see their consolidation models recalculate on the spot.

FSN Interviews Frederic Laluyaux, CEO Anaplan

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