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The Anaplan University Connect program is committed to empowering students with the digital skills necessary to be globally competitive by connecting Anaplan to educational institutions and communities.

Our goal is to help students become better prepared for today’s careers by developing Anaplan modeling skills that will enable them to make better-informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes across an organization.

We turn classrooms into active learning environments and provide powerful, hands-on industry experience within our technology platform. Through blended learning that is challenging and engaging, faculty and students have complete access to the Anaplan platform to learn about advancements in today’s business planning and budgeting processes.

Program participants collaborate with Anaplan at no cost to the institution. Participants gain entry to official workshops, industry contests, and research and co-innovative projects, in addition to developing the skills necessary to become certified Anaplanners.

The Anaplan University Connect program will help students position themselves for outstanding careers at Anaplan—or with our fast-growing customer and partner ecosystem.

Universities and Educators Student Ambassadors

Universities and Educators

Whether it’s for a short-term case study or long-term project, Anaplan creates customized learning programs for students that align with existing school curriculum. Together, we will identify ways in which Anaplan can be incorporated into your university that will provide new and exciting opportunities to help prepare students for their future careers.

Faculty who are interested in teaching Anaplan will gain full access to our training library and have the opportunity to become certified Anaplan users, enabling them to help students bring concepts to practice.

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How it works

Establish Alliance

Together with a consulting partner, Anaplan will hold open dialogues with your institution to determine the type of alliance that will be most beneficial for your students.

Implement Strategy

Anaplan and its partner will provide faculty training, licenses, workspaces, learning paths customized to your needs, and support materials.

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Execute Program

Anaplan and its partner will guide and direct the program through observation, thorough follow-ups, and support.

Ways to collaborate

The Anaplan University Connect turns classrooms into active learning environments by providing a powerful, hands-on experience. Faculty and students have complete access to the Anaplan platform to learn about business planning and budgeting processes through blended learning that is challenging and engaging.

In the

Faculty training
Curriculum support
Self-study courses

Workshops and Projects

Short and long-term projects
Weekend workshops
Innovative projects

Beyond the Classroom

Event invitations
Global challenges
Networking opportunities
And more...

Connecting Anaplan Partners with Universities

When your institution teams up with Anaplan, it becomes part of a team of motivated professionals who are dedicated to empowering our future leaders.

Our fast-growing global community of best-in-class consulting partners are experts on the Anaplan platform. The Anaplan University Connect will partner your institution with a consultant who will help drive a successful learning program.

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Student Ambassadors

The Anaplan Student Ambassador program is a leadership opportunity for students to represent Anaplan on campus. As an ambassador, you will gain real-world work experience by connecting with Anaplan staff, partners, and customers.

Ambassadors will gain leadership skills, professional experience, and connections in the industry to help in their career search.

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Why apply?

Build your resume
Refine your public speaking skills
Enhance your leadership skills
Expand your network

What does an Anaplan Student Ambassador do?

Assist Anaplan during university events
Develop an expanded knowledge of Anaplan
Create Anaplan awareness and excitement on campus
Attend local Anaplan events
Be featured with a student ambassador profile

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