Anaplan for Compensation Management

How effective are you at managing workforce compensation? With Anaplan for Compensation management, you can easily model compensation structures to assess impact and connect data to finance, supply chain, and HR.

Ensure that your compensation plan aligns with organizational objectives and gain the forward-looking insight to anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions. Leverage automation and real-time calculation capabilities to cut computation time and increase the accuracy of your data. See the potential impact of changes before you make them with powerful “what-if” scenario modeling. With full visibility throughout the organization, you can keep your teams moving as one cohesive unit.

Why Anaplan for Compensation Management

Standardized compensation management
Enterprise-grade compensation management built for the cloud. Standardize compensation plans across regions, geographies, or industries. Easily resolve complicated disputes and automate clawbacks.

Enable real-time data and analysis
Build dashboards in real time to gain oversight over all compensation plan elements. Maintain an easily traceable record of historical data, dramatically simplifying audits. Visualize metrics in charts, graphs, maps, lists, and more.

Enterprise financial planning

Collaborate across the organization
Provide a centralized, shared source of data. Eliminate version control issues and source confusion. Share planning data across the organization while keeping everyone attuned to the same larger business objectives.

Empower modeling and “what-if” analysis
Create “what-if” scenarios to assess potential changes. Optimize compensation plans by tweaking parameters and instantly viewing the effects. Measure potential changes before rolling out new plans to your team.

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