Anaplan for Operating Expense (OpEx) Planning

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Anaplan for OpEx Management allows finance leaders to quickly and easily develop operation plans and budgets at any level within the organization.

With a highly configurable and flexible platform, organizations can choose any number of methods for interacting with their data. As a cost center manager, apply workflow and approval to each of your operating expense categories in order to track and monitor throughout the process. As budget contributors submit their budgets for the required OpEx items, you can track, review, and approve based on budgeted amounts compared to the targets that have been set. Additionally, plan and control headcount at the role and individual level to align with the top-down FTE plan percentage of OpEx targets.

Why Anaplan OpEx Management Software

Drive flexible OpEx planning and variance analysis
Enter operational drivers used to generate a financial forecast based on assumptions and key inputs for the chosen drivers. When changes are made, Anaplan calculates the financial impact in real-time.

Connect with any source system
Connect with any source system to use actual data as a starting point for developing the current year’s plan by applying growth rates and capturing justification for various expense items.

Enterprise financial planning

Enable real-time overhead planning
Make multi-dimensional operational expenditure plans by cost center, version, year, or currency. Collect budget submissions by each business and cost center, and automatically consolidate in real-time.

Centralize truth and compare “what-if” scenarios
Leverage dashboards to compare budgets, forecasts, and strategic OpEx “what-if” scenarios. Compare multiple scenarios using variance analysis and exception reporting with conditional formatting.

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