Workforce Capacity Planning and Modeling

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When it comes to workforce planning, 40 percent of businesses agree that it’s a top priority based on its overall cost to the business. Anaplan for Workforce Capacity Planning enables HR leaders to gain a true picture of your workforce capacity and current headcount.

Calculate capacity at the headcount level (pulled from HRMS) by role or employee, with expected attrition deducted to come up with a net capacity headcount number. Attach some form of productivity standard to convert headcount into a related business driver, such as determining how many IT systems your organization can supply. Integrate data from supporting systems into your model to get automatic daily updates. For HR practitioners, having this real-time view of key workforce headcount KPIs can be a big advantage and the starting point for more advanced workforce planning.

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Why Anaplan for Workforce Capacity Planning?

Enable workforce capacity planning flexibility

Instantly view your current workforce breakdown and key metrics. Filter salary bands by an attribute and customize the workforce planning method used for each employee role.

Model and predict attrition

With Anaplan’s powerful modeling capabilities and pre-built algorithms, you can do much more. With ample historical data, you can apply and test up to 15 different algorithms against your data set and rank the results based on the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE).

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Accurately forecast workforce demand

This is where flexibility is key. Model and accommodate whichever drivers are required to most accurately calculate demand for your workforce. Pull in labor driver data and associate it with a set of labor standards.

Test the impact of workforce changes

Perform powerful “what-if” analyses. See what would happen if you changed a key workforce dimension or assumption and test the impact on labor costs. Model instantaneously with data that is virtually real time. Unlock the value of your data that has gone dark in silos.

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