Yiew Voon Ngee, Principal, ABeam Consulting

Yiew Voon Ngee discusses the growing partnership between Anaplan Singapore and ABeam Consulting and how the Hub conference has helped share the possibilities and abilities of Anaplan with customers and prospects alike.

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A lot of our customers are facing the same problem. They have accumulated data on disparate systems, and some of this data have been sitting on an individual spreadsheets—or it’s been kept within a certain silo, within a particular region, or within a particular entity—within the organization. So Anaplan has the ability to bring across all this information and putting it together in a simple graphical user interface that can be easily set up within a shorter period of time compared to the traditional tools that we are currently using.

I think Anaplan brings value to our customers in a sense that it is improving the efficiency. They are helping them to reach information that they may not be able to foresee previously. Having this kind of insight into their own data, [which] we should have collected over a number of years—to me, [it] would help them to improve [their] own performance and their operations tremendously. Sometimes, it is difficult for the customers to actually identify what they need when they have not actually seen what Anaplan can do. So this—having an event like this actually helps to share the possibilities and the abilities of Anaplan.

The partnership we have with Anaplan is great. We recently engaged with Anaplan. It hasn’t been too long but within the short period we have gotten ourselves engaged very tightly with Anaplan in Singapore. We work together on projects. We have our people certified within a short period of time. We had platinum sponsors of your first Hub event. So things have been very smooth, and we are looking forward to a great future.

My name is Yiew Voon Ngee. I am a Principal with ABeam Consulting.

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