BetterVu uses Anaplan to design best practices for planning, costing, operational improvement, and activity-based forecasting

BetterVu cofounder Mitch Max shares how his team uses the Anaplan platform to deliver an innovative, driver-based, activity focused labor planning solution for financial services operation groups.

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I’m Mitch Max, partner and cofounder of BetterVu. We’re a specialized business consulting practice, and we’re focused on delivering financial and operational solutions, using Anaplan. And at this point, we’ve been an Anaplan partner for almost four years.

We have decades of business consulting experience, guiding leading clients in the design of best practices for areas like planning and forecasting and costing and profitability and operational improvement. And this has often included the selection of enabling tools.

Often, we were struck by the issues that our clients would ultimately have in implementing these tools. Complexity, long implementation times, the need for large teams, including technical experts. And because these projects would take so long, it wasn’t unusual for the requirements to blossom and change over time, and that would really change the way things got done.

We first came across Anaplan about five years ago. We were intrigued with the promise of rapid implementation times, but even more importantly, the flexibility it provided and the way that the business could use it to implement the leading practices that we were preaching.

And that got us to see that we could evolve from just designing processes to actually helping to achieve them. So we took on an initial role as part of the team, and never looked back. Anaplan has become our go-to tool, that we think of as our canvas to help realize leading-edge business practices.

Our areas of focus have traditionally been in two areas. First, the movement from traditional budgeting models to dynamic, rolling, driver-based forecasting. Second, the design and implementation of advanced costing and profitability tools, especially activity-based costing (ABC), where we are actually recognized for deep expertise.

We thought it might be possible to deploy some basic costing within Anaplan. And as Anaplan’s capabilities evolved, we realized that we could do something even better. We were able to distill our knowledge of ABC practices into a very robust ABC app in Anaplan that we released about three years ago.

And now, we’ve gone further, to show how we can link ABC into planning practices. Most recently, we’ve been able to focus on the labor planning components of this approach, to deliver an innovative, driver-based, activity-focused labor planning app that’s oriented towards financial services operation groups.

In our business, we’re often helping our customers to visualize the art of the possible. And it’s hard to do that on a whiteboard. Anaplan helps us to quickly mock up the functionality and visualize the results before we finish the implementation, and I think this is really an unmatched capability.

Anaplan has let us shift from just being advisors and selectors of software to actually being responsible with our clients for implementing our recommendation. That’s an awesome responsibility, but it’s so rewarding when it helps us to be part of the entire change.