Simmi Mehta, senior manager, Sales Force Effectiveness Practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ed Majors, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte discusses the success of the relationship they’ve built with Anaplan. With the flexibility of Anaplan’s platform and Deloitte’s industry experience, customers are empowered to transform and connect their business planning strategy across functions.

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SM: I think one of the unique things about Anaplan, and when we approach our clients with it as a potential solution to their business issues, is the fact that it really is such a flexible platform. So when you think about the sales operations function, there were so many intersections with other organizations. You need to be linked with Finance, you need to be linked with HR from a people perspective, you need to be linked with your actual sales compensation and sales finance folks. So Anaplan as a platform really allows—it’s unique in the fact that it allows for that collaboration for our clients. It’s also unique in the fact that it can play in these various areas, which there are very few other companies out there that can actually do that.

Ed: When we approach a finance initiative, it’s much more transformational, and one of the synergies we are seeing working with Anaplan is it’s a very flexible tool, so really changing the way that we approach a client, the way we interact with them, the way we try to draw out their requirements and align those with our leading practices. And the Anaplan tool is great because we do a lot more rapid prototyping, it’s a lot more flexible, so it’s sort of “Don’t tell me, show me.”

SM: So I think it’s very unique in the way that Deloitte and Anaplan have built their relationship together. We really go to market as a single voice in terms of how can we resolve our clients’ issues.

Ed: There is certainly lot of collaboration between our two organizations, and I think that we sort of complement each other in a couple of areas. We bring together the industry experience, the deep depth within the finance function. Anaplan brings a very flexible platform that is easy to bring to our clients and show them exactly what they are going to get before the system is actually delivered.

SM: So in terms of the App Hub, I mean, it’s an amazing accelerator for a lot of our clients. What we have seen it being used very effectively at is allowing our clients to get their hands dirty, so to speak, around experiencing Anaplan, really internalizing how it could work in their organization.

Ed: We have invested a lot in your App Hub to build out different assets that are industry-specific, showing our clients what their peers are doing in this space. It allows us to create some hard assets that we can then take in front of our clients.

SM: So in terms of impacts that we have seen with our clients, it’s been pretty phenomenal. Deloitte has been helping various clients implement Anaplan for the last three years, and even within such a short time, if you really think about an enterprise-type of system that you are implementing, we have seen companies be able to reduce their time to get quota sheets out to reps from 90 days to a day. I mean, then you know, your salespeople know what they are supposed to be selling that much quicker. We have seen the number of errors go down, and the number of claims, and all the administration costs around actually managing claims. So it’s just been really phenomenal to see these results so quickly with our clients.

SM: It’s not another technology that’s being implemented, it’s not IT delivering a new tool—it’s actually a solution that’s multifaceted. So it’s not a point solution around Finance or around Sales, it’s really an end-to-end—you know how we are going to drive your business forward in a meaningful way, and I think that that’s really the beauty between the way that Deloitte and Anaplan have created this relationship is that we are able to bring that story to clients.

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