Erik Geelen, Practice Leader for Enterprise Application Services, GENPACT

As a partner and customer of Anaplan, Erik Geelen discusses how Anaplan has transformed business process strategy, both internally at GENPACT and for their many customers.

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My name is Erik Geelen, I am the Practice Leader for Enterprise Application Services for GENPACT in EMEA. And I am part of a global practice serving all our global customers throughout the world.

Well, GENPACT is basically addressing the basic issues in terms of process and process efficiency. So our organization is an organization which has grown out of business process improvements, and we try to create value for our customers by linking our process knowledge with our technology knowledge. So combining the two, we try to combine it into a value creation based on our Lean and Six Sigma approach towards our customers.

Most of our customers say that they have a lot of challenges in terms of a lot of manual processes. So a lot of processes are not linked—let’s say basically scattered throughout the organization—and if you look at the planning and consolidation process, you see a lot of our customers, their processes based on Excel, scattered throughout the organization and therefore not integrated, and therefore it’s very complex to see on one integrated view on a group level. So we see that Anaplan is a solution which helps combine the information into a global perspective and also gives a fair possibility to the C-level to basically drill down into the organization to see what happens.

So those issues have an impact on the day-to-day processes. So if you don’t have the information at hand to basically make your business decisions, it’s very hard to ensure that you move into the right direction. So having this integrated view, it basically gives them the possibility to act far more efficient and also in the right direction for future goals, and I think that’s the strong item of Anaplan—combining that information and giving them really good insight into their business processes and therewith also in the future way of moving forward.

GENPACT chose Anaplan as one of the solutions for the improvement in the planning and consolidation process as we are seeing that the solution is very close to the end-users. In a very short period, the end-users can really use the application because it’s very simple, intuitive, and they really see the value of creation in a very short period—so also giving them the possibility to drill down in their organization and to see what happens in the different areas around the world. And it means that they have really the information on the tip of their fingers, which means that they can really make the right decisions and therewith improve their business processes and therewith creating a value for the organization—which is basically the starting point of what GENPACT tries to achieve with our organization, towards our customers.

Well, last year in December 2014, we basically visited the Anaplan headquarters in the Netherlands. We saw the solution of Anaplan, how the solution helps to improve the planning and consolidation process. Being a process company, we really saw the value of this solution. We started the discussions with Anaplan to become a global partner IN April 2015 to really use the Anaplan solution—also towards our customers.

We are now in the process of getting our consultants a perspective of the Anaplan solution and basically see that they can help our customers improve their processes by implementing Anaplan for the planning and consolidation processes and really creating value for our customers. I think that comes back to the earlier statement that GENPACT is really an organization which looks at value creation at their customers using our Lean and Six Sigma principles to help our customers to move to the next level of integration and their business processes.

If I look to the satisfaction of our users, you really see that they feel that the Anaplan solution is very close to the end-user community. It’s easy to use, simple to implement because it’s a cloud solution, so you can start anytime you like, as opposed to the old-fashioned way of having a whole stack of hardware being implemented on your premises. I think this is a very strong item of the Anaplan solution, as well as the apps which are already available to use, which give you a really very good starting point to start off your planning process.

If I need to mention say the highlights of the Anaplan solution, I would think that it’s first of all in the cloud. We see that a lot of our customers are asking for cloud solutions to improve their processes, close to the end-users, and therewith easy to use. You don’t need let’s say a lot of IT knowledge to get started, and I think those are very strong points of the Anaplan solution to get organizations starting very fast with this solution.

If I look to our future plans as GENPACT with Anaplan, we really see that we started off a partnership this year 2015 to really grow the business jointly. We have a lot of common customers to go for, and I think we really see the joint value of combining our process knowledge with the Anaplan technology solution, creating value for our customers as being the starting point of our organization, and I think those are the areas where Genpact and Anaplan really join forces and can help our customers create value.

I am Erik Geelen, Practice Leader Enterprise Application Service for GENPACT, and we are powered by Anaplan.