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Jan Veerman, EyeOn Solutions

In this video, hear Jan Veerman, Managing Partner, EyeOn Solutions, share how his firm’s partnership with Anaplan helps their clients create Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes to enable them to react with greater agility to the changing marketplace.

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My name is Jan Veerman. I work for EyeOn Solutions as Managing Partner.
EyeOn Solutions is part of the ION Group, and as ION Group we specialize in helping our customers with problems regarding planning and forecasting. Most of our customers work in the S&OP area.

When I started at EyeOn Solutions in 2011, we were mainly focused on what we called the legacy planning systems, Hyperion Planning, Cognos Planning. And when I came in I heard about the cloud solutions that were out there, so we made an investment to see which cloud solutions were available, and we came across Anaplan, which looked very promising to us. We became a partner in 2011, and are still a partner today.

Our customers are mainly working in the S&OP, so business to business, business to consumer. What we see now is a trend that they are having difficulties reacting to what’s happening outside. Our company is helping those customers to have the right amount of stock, at the right locations, in the right time based on the process that we help the customers on the process side, but also implement tooling to support those processes. And those tools need to agile as well as the processes.

Once we really started to work with Anaplan at different customers, implementing the tool, we were really surprised by the flexibility of the tool, not for us as developers but also for the end-users. The fact that you don’t need IT to setup and maintain the model, you give back the power to the end-users. But also the amount of data, the tool can handle. We have implemented this model, for example, at a large pharmaceutical company. And it’s over tens of gigabytes, the model, but still actually working very fast for the end users and they came from Excel solution, we now have implemented Anaplan and we’re still uploading new data and it’s still performs very well.

For our customers as well it’s very — they are very enthusiastic after the implementation because they really like the fact that we can implement in very short cycles. And they do see immediate impact on the organizations once we’ve implemented because they do not need IT. They can make their own fusion data sets, they can make their own reporting environments, they create their own graphs, that’s — that really helping out for the customers.

For example one large pharmaceutical customer they came from an Excel solution where they had one brand with several SKUs in it. And they were planning that in an Excel environment. For that one brand already the Excel was to its limits of the data it could handle, and if they needed to recalculate based on parameter changes they made, it needed to recalculate about 30 minutes before the final answer was presented in the Excel environment. We now loaded up to 15 brands in the Anaplan model and changes the end-user makes on the parameters, it’s calculated instantly. So on TCO level it’s a dramatic reduction of time for the — before the end-user sees the end results.

I’m Jan Veerman, Managing Partner at EyeOn Solutions. And our sales and operations offer is powered by Anaplan.

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