Jared Waterman
Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis, Pandora

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My name is Jared Waterman, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Pandora Media.

From the outset it was clear that Pandora was on a steep growth trajectory. I’m really grateful that we choose Anaplan early on, because Anaplan, the platform, and our use of the platform can grow with the company. The planning process at Pandora before Anaplan was primarily in Excel.

I think our challenges that are common among many companies that have outgrown their either traditional planning solution or Excel. That’s analysis was not real-time. There are issues with collaboration across the organization in the team; data was not transparent across companies.

For us the choice was pretty clearly cloud, and then within cloud there are many different solutions. We found Anaplan to be the most intuitive, the most powerful; and we also really liked the organization.
Anaplan has enabled us to be a strategic partner to the business in many ways. First and foremost accuracy, and breadth of our forecasting and insights into the business.

Our use cases for Anaplan run the gamut from recruiting to pricing analysis, to sales capacity planning, to tax and treasury. So, we use Anaplan in nearly all the facets of our financial forecasting.

So, the implementation with Anaplan was really easy. The platform is intuitive, which I think is the most important. So, analysts and users of Anaplan pick it up pretty quickly. But also, the community and staff at Anaplan were really there to help us each step of the way.

One of the advantages of Anaplan is that it can ingest large amounts of information, and we can digest that information and analyze it and turn it into sort of actionable recommendations and accurate forecasts. And I think that is really important for us at Pandora, because we are a company that is growing really quickly, and we produce a lot of data. And the more data that we can consume, and the more data that we analyze, the more accurate our forecast of the future will be.

Anaplan is so deeply embedded in the organization that it’s streamlining processes and making processes more accurate across the organization. At its best, FP&A is a partner to the company to helps you around quarters, help add strategic value, and really help form the future of an organization. But sometimes technology inhibits that and gets in the way and FP&A organizations can end up being more about reporting and less about their true value-add, which is analysis. And what Anaplan does is allow my organization to be all about analysis and not worry about pulling reporting or tying out numbers from desperate systems or finding data. It’s really all about analysis, which is FP&A at its best and Anaplan enables that.

I am Jared Waterman, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Pandora and my team is powered by Anaplan.

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