Hemanta Banerjee, Founder and Chief Software Architect, Just Analytics

Hemanta Banerjee discusses the joint customer success and growing partnership Just Analytics has developed with the Anaplan Singapore team.

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What makes me excited about Anaplan is the fact that it is just like Excel®, which my users are very familiar with, and with a backend database behind it that allows all the people in the company to collaborate. So it makes it very easy for my customers, my users, to model their business efficiently using the Anaplan platform. When looking at the planning solution, it should be easy to use, it should be something that I can change very often because my business changes very often, and it should be something that I can share across my entire company and roll it out easily.

Anaplan meets all of those requirements by being a cloud platform that is easy to use and has all the capabilities that allow it to be cascaded across the organization. We are a very recent partner of Anaplan, but in the last six months that we have been working [with it], we have been able to pick up the product really well. Anaplan has helped us a lot to pick up the new technology and also has helped us to understand how can we take this product to our customers and to be able to position it appropriately to our customers. So we really appreciate all the help provided by Anaplan.

My name is Hemanta Banerjee. I am the Founder and Chief Software Architect for Just Analytics.

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