Laura Roach, VP of Marketing and Customer Success, OpenSymmetry

Laura Roach shares how OpenSymmetry streamlined its finance, sales, and service organizations by implementing Anaplan for its financial budgeting and planning.

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My name is Laura Roach. I work at OpenSymmetry and I am the Senior VP of Marketing and Customer Success.

OpenSymmetry is a global trusted advisor that focuses on Sales, HR, and Finance solutions, so we help clients integrate, plan, and deploy Sales, Finance, and HR technologies.

We have been growing 50 plus year-over-year, and we didn’t have any line of sight or visibility into where we wanted to go next. We knew we wanted to grow at a certain rate, and we knew strategically how we wanted to get there, but we were really lacking the real-time data and knowledge to be able to have visibility into what that future was.

We specifically looked at solving the need for connecting Finance, Sales, and services. Anaplan was growing in this marketplace as a real leader and disruptive technology. We quickly were able to enable Anaplan in a short few weeks and integrate on the finance side, connecting the solutions so that we can actually start managing by the numbers.

At OpenSymmetry we have been able to now with the use of Anaplan dynamically make changes to either course correct or model what we want to do. The other real powerful thing that we found was being able to actually get that knowledge to the people in your organization that can make a change. So instead of just being a boardroom or managing executives looking at numbers that are on dashboards, we actually have the whole company looking at the numbers that matter to them, which actually connects all the other different departments.

I have never seen a Controller happier than now that we have Anaplan, which is funny because you know usually don’t get the emotion from the Finance person. But now you have your finances from our ERP, our professional services automations, and our bookings from Salesforce all talking together. We have one voice of the truth from a numbers standpoint.

Now that we know that this is our revenue, this is where we are coming from from a booking standpoint, and managing our booking pipeline. We see where the revenue is, now we can actually predict what we need to do, and we are not predicting based on some theory but with our data.

What’s great about Anaplan is it’s fast, it’s flexible, it’s easy-to-use, you are able to quickly get a quick win and so often our clients are trying to get to a levels of optimized performance management, and there is always roadblocks with priorities and IT challenges. What Anaplan provides, and what we have seen with our clients that have implemented Anaplan, is you are able to give them those quick wins.

One of the things we are pretty excited about at OpenSymmetry, is we have provided two different use cases in the Anaplan App Hub. So now not only can we share what we have done and been able to optimize in our own business, but we have actually standardized it so anybody else can go download that from the App Hub and use it. And that’s a real community.

My name is Laura Roach and OpenSymmetry is powered by Anaplan.

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