Plan Rocket Consulting helps customers create driver-based planning models using Anaplan

Evan Ransome, a managing partner at Plan Rocket Consulting, talks about how Anaplan enables customers to think outside of the “Excel box.”

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I am Evan Ransome. I work with Plan Rocket Consulting, and I am a managing partner. Plan Rocket is an Anaplan-only consulting firm. We are based across the U.S., and we do implementations for all of the sales use cases, as well as FP&A, financial consolidations, etc. We really focus on being a platform partner for Anaplan.

To me, Anaplan is a tool that feels like Excel but can use the largest data sets that a company might have. One of my favorite customer stories is of an FP&A implementation: This customer had traditionally done all of their planning in Excel—and because of Excel, it had to be very simple. So when we were there, we were able to ask very probing questions to get them to think outside of their traditional Excel box and say, “Okay, but if you could do X, Y, or Z from a planning perspective, would you like to?” And so we ended up taking an input-driven model and switching it to driver-based.

Across the board, we have focused on being a platform partner where we can have our consultants be experts in specific use case. But we have tried to build that expertise around the Anaplan platform, so we have an expert for each use case, and they can really kind of own it, go to a customer, and be able to talk about it at a very intelligent level. We were founded because of Anaplan. It’s everything you wish Excel could be for a large company.