Deepak Nakil, Director, Unisoft Technologies

Deepak Nakil discusses the success Unisoft customers have seen through the investment in Anaplan.

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When I talk to my clients, what they are looking for is a solution that is flexible, that is able to get data from multiple sources, seamlessly, and being able to plan, re-plan, and do the alternative planning and get “what-if” simulation done. So they know what their plans look like, what is the outcome of the plans, and then get this plan to their operational systems for execution.

Other challenges most clients face (and therefore, they have not gone for planning solutions), is the huge cost of a solution. Anaplan is a solution, which is in the cloud and that is number one. It is flexible and the time to realize is fairly quick. I am convinced about the solution because it is going to provide value to the client—especially the clients who are looking for a planning solution with a very optimized cost of ownership.

I am Deepak Nakil, Director of Unisoft Technologies. We are Anaplan partners.

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