VMware shares how they use the Anaplan platform to eliminate spreadsheets and data inaccuracies, resulting in faster decision-making.

Leaders at VMware detail how the company streamlined its sales planning processes with Anaplan.

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Sri Vellimedu (Director, Business Process & Solutions): There were some good early success with Anaplan, and that led us to where we are today around the sales planning process.

Awinash Sinha (Director, IT Business Engagement and Solution Management): We had BI analytics for certain things—people would pull in data from transactional system BI and kind of stitch them together in Excel, then use email as a collaboration tool to roll it up. The key thing that we were looking for to replace the Excel world was how to take the transactional system data and roll up by different dimensions by customer, by product hierarchy, and how to do that when the collaboration happens at different levels.

Vellimedu: The problem statement today is that it is you are well into month two of the planning cycle before reps know what territories they have, what accounts they have, and what the quarters are, so there is a loss of productivity. So our goal is that by the first day of each planning cycle, reps and managers have visibility of accounts in Anaplan.

Sinha: The platform [became] one single source, and replaced all the spreadsheets and data inaccuracies. [It also allowed] faster rollup of data—this means a reduction in the cycle time for whatever planning dimensions we are talking about, either GTM or a territory in account planning.

Vellimedu: So the metric we are trying to drive is a 5 percent improvement in quarter accuracy for those reps, and measure it by how well they hit their quarters. So if reps are hitting the quarters as those quarters get rolled up to a geographic region, you know there is a higher predictability or higher likelihood of hitting targets, so it’s all co-related. We’re starting at rep level and making sure we put focus on that as it is good for the company.

Sinha: Anaplan really is a tool that is a mix of multiple capabilities from the end user perspective—it’s a collaboration tool, it’s a data rollup tool, and an analytic tool.

Vellimedu: The Anaplan platform essentially provides all of the analytics available so decisions can be made faster.

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