Voiant delivers speed to market to its customers with Anaplan

Trevor Dunham, Senior Director at Voiant, explains how Anaplan’s ease of use speeds up Voiant’s customer implementations—cutting time down from 12–18 months to just four weeks.

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At Voiant we focus on improving our customer’s sales performance management. We believe that better data yields smarter sales planning, operations, and insight. With a unique combination of a framework we call the Sales Data Desk, we are able to deliver those improved operations and insights for our customers. And with a platform like Anaplan, you are able to bring together disparate data into a single holistic view, and with that, take action that you have never been able to take before. We have seen our customers asking questions that they have never been able to answer from their data before, as well as new and increased insights.

In a matter of weeks, we have been able to make customers highly successful with Anaplan platform. I had a customer who was really struggling with long sales cycles. We were able to bring core data from their CRM system into Anaplan, and with that, we started to track deal velocity on a day-to-day basis. Once we have that deal velocity tracked, we can then start looking at the key activities that each of the sales reps are involved with and start to replicate the high-performing activities to those that haven’t been performed historically.

That’s ultimately led to a close-end at the pipeline to cash flow. I think gone are the days where a customer has an expectation of a 12–18 month implementation, and with Anaplan we are seeing speed to market in our ability to deliver value to customers.

Some of our implementations have been as short as four weeks, and the ability to deliver that type of value in that short of a time frame is just something that we have never would have thought possible three years ago.

The very first time I really had the “aha” moment was when we had a four-hour workshop with the customer, ordered in some pizza, and in that four hours I was able to take a core set of their data, put it into a model, and show how their processes can be aligned in a tool with Anaplan and have immediate impact on their business.

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