Mike Emsley, SVP of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Workforce Insight

Mike Emsley discusses how Workforce Insight and Anaplan help customers improve their workforce planning by helping plan, staff, budget, and optimize their use of labor.

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My name is Mike Emsley. I am the SVP of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Workforce Insight. We help large Fortune 500 companies plan, staff, budget, and optimize their use of labor.

I have rarely seen an organization built from the ground up with as friendly a partner disposition as they have, which is essential to us. We work with a lot of vendors and our time is incredibly valuable, our consultants’ time is very valuable, so when we invest in a platform, there is an opportunity cost versus investing it elsewhere. And the help and the amount of collaboration we get when working with Anaplan is second to none, and that’s been essential in us growing our practice, growing our capabilities, being able to bring solutions to our customers and to our prospects.

The critical capability that Anaplan has first and foremost is speed. I am still amazed by the speed with which we can prototype and build a solution for a customer. What used to take us weeks or months, we can do in hours or days and really show a customer and get them hands-on in a prototype or proof of concept almost immediately, and that alone is such a powerful aspect in the future of Anaplan, not the least of which we can aggregate data in a really agile fashion and build models and solutions that we never had the capability to do before. So it’s really like no other solution.

Now that they are more mature with their workforce data, with their workforce management systems, our customers are asking us what’s next, and we see a tool and platform like Anaplan allowing us to help them achieve that next level of maturity to optimize their workforce, to get great ROI, and to really transform their operations to be more data driven and more analytical around the workforce.

What Anaplan allows us to do for these different industries and complex business scenarios, we can tailor the concepts that we focus on and the user stories and use cases we focus on, such as workforce planning, workforce optimization. We can tailor those to really specifically fit healthcare or retail or manufacturing, and they are all very different. What Anaplan allows me to do is really tailor it quickly and to leverage algorithms, to leverage concepts and models, but then tailor it to that particular vertical.

The App Hub has been great for Workforce Insight. There are a number of benefits we have received from it. First, it forced us to think of our IP and our subject matter expertise in terms of apps, which we have never done before. So, from a go-to-market perspective, for us to take that complexity of what we do and to synthesize that down into app was really powerful. So it changed our thinking, and we were able to create half-dozen apps all around labor and labor optimization, everything from modeling absenteeism, to demand-driven staffing, to costing labor, and we were able to build some discreet apps around those topics.

Just by going to the App Hub, they can see I can tackle this problem next, or here is something I hadn’t even thought of. So that’s fantastic for us to be able to promote our type of consulting to the Anaplan customer base that undoubtedly is going to want to extend their use of it.

I am excited about where this technology is going and how much it will allow us to be part of the disruption. So we see Anaplan as disrupting their industry and adjacent industries, and Workforce Insight is seeking to help our customers disrupt HR, workforce planning. I see that as being a huge growth area for Anaplan and Anaplan customers is data-driven HR. We work with a lot Fortune 500 companies that have been around for 100 years, and we seek to disrupt and help them build data-driven HR practices.

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