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Bullseye! How providing the right insights to sales managers can drive sales success

On-demand webinar

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Does building your pipeline, committing to a forecast, transferring accounts, or making pricing decisions ever feel like blindly throwing items at a dartboard? Answering “yes” to that is more common than we all want to admit.

The reality is all of these efforts are interconnected and they need to be managed together in order to be successful. Join Anaplan and Slalom as they discuss how to leverage sales insights to drive performance and increase sales effectiveness. From this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The main reasons that sales forecasts fail (and how to avoid them)
  • How frontline sales managers can help drive the organization’s go-to-market strategy
  • How to align your pipeline with the rest of your sales strategy

About the speaker

Jason Loh is the Global Head of Sales Solutions at Anaplan, where he has responsibility for the sales performance management and sales effectiveness line-of-business. With 20 years of experience across sales, consulting, development, and general management, his mission is to help organizations align technology with behavioral economics and data science in order to maximize sales performance.
Speaker image: Abe Rafle
Abe Rafle is a Practice Area Lead for Slalom’s Customer Engagement and Salesforce practice. He and his team guide clients through the implementation of solutions built on the Salesforce platform, transforming their customer facing operations across sales, marketing, and service. He is a Midwest transplant and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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