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Would a psychologist agree with how we design incentive plans? Sales compensation plans are traditionally designed around sales roles, and they assume every individual has the same motivations—which psychologists would disagree with. One of the great visions for sales compensation is to provide a level of personalization to sales comp plans to maximize the motivation of individual sales representatives.

As a result, more and more companies are tailoring their incentive plans to increase motivation in their sales reps and encourage desired sales behaviors. Join Steve Marley, co-author of The Future of Sales Compensation, in this webinar as he discusses how companies are enabling personalized incentives to benefit both the individual and the company.

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Steve Marley is a principal in ZS’s Chicago office. He leads ZS’s sales performance management practice and is responsible for incentive compensation management and sales performance management partnerships, implementation, and operations delivery. He currently focuses on helping companies transition from thinking about monetary incentives to thinking more holistically about motivation, engagement, and incentives. Steve also has helped companies in a variety of other areas, including territory design, placement, go-to-market strategy, communication, and sales force effectiveness.

On-demand webinar

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