Optimizing Operational Planning for the Office of the CIO

As seen in many areas of an organization, the idea of a Connected Planning platform is unfortunately absent from the Project Governance and Planning processes required by executives looking to manage resource-, cost-, and capital-intensive projects. In this gap, many companies are using a Frankenstein approach that blends a variety of tools, spreadsheets, and siloed databases to try to gain insight into the various areas of concern. The result was a cumbersome and time-consuming process that was fraught with errors and inconsistencies.

Learn how Akili’s CIO solution provides a comprehensive operational and financial governance view through which organizations can manage and plan for their portfolio of IT and operational projects.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How organizations like Chevron, Chart Industries, Enlink Midstream, and others have implemented this solution.
  • See how unique business processes can be mimicked and enhanced with new tools, like unique KPIs across projects.
  • Discover how Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform can capture tactical and financial elements to equip both on-the-ground project managers and executives within a coordinated and cohesive portfolio view.
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Featured Speakers:

Josh started with Akili in 2011 as a consultant and has worked his way up to Practice Director and now Chief People Officer. As CPO, Josh is in charge of delivery team training, utilization, development, mentor program, and the overall success of consultants. Prior to Akili, Josh spent six-plus years as a business analyst and consultant in various capacities.
Starting with Akili four-plus years ago to manage sales for the Anaplan practice, Sean grew the Anaplan practice to being Akili’s most successful practice, and now manages all sales, partner alliances, and marking activities. Prior to Akili, Sean worked for a few startup companies in the Dallas area as a sales manager and alliance manager.