Schindler Elevator raises its FP&A process to the next level with concurrent planning

The elevator business is complex, and profitability requires informed financial decisions. Learn how you can lead your organization to better decision-making from Schindler’s finance leaders, Matthew Fabian and Mike Tambone. Matthew and Mike will share how they have clarity in today’s uncertain environment to elevate their processes, collaborate “between floors,” and open the door to improving revenue and profitability outcomes. Hear how Schindler transformed their budgeting process with Anaplan and improved both their speed and accuracy. In this webinar, the Schindler team will walk you through their journey and how they got started.

Additional topics include:

  • Collaborating effectively using both top-down and bottom-up approaches to budgeting.
  • Conducting headcount planning as a core driver for district-level expense planning.
  • Connecting planners across departments and geographies in real-time.
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Featured Speakers:


Matthew Fabian

Director, Finance & Management Accounting

Matthew Fabian, Director, Financial Management & Accounting, leads Finance & Accounting at Schindler. Matthew joined Schindler in 2014. His organization is responsible for financial reporting to the global parent company, The Schindler Group, plus annual budget coordination, overhead budgeting and analysis, T&E and internal control compliance, management of financial reporting tools, corporate accounting, and technical IFRS accounting matters. Prior to Schindler, Matt held a position at a Fortune 500 apparel company and spent five years in public accounting with Deloitte.”

Paul Ritner

Finance Lead at Accelytics Consulting

Paul is the Finance Lead at Accelytics Consulting. His experience spans over 30 years in FP&A, audit and accounting. As finance lead at Accelytics, Paul is responsible for delivery of finance solutions. He is also a solution Architect and Master Anaplanner.

Chris Stevenson

Anaplan’s Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Finance go-to-market

Chris Stevenson is Anaplan’s Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Finance go-to-market. Chris has worked in corporate finance, technology, and marketing. He sees the emergence of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics applied to finance and operations as an exciting frontier. Chris enjoys learning how clients are leveraging these nascent technologies, both within and beyond the office of finance.
Michael Tambone

Mike Tambone

Area Finance Manager

Mike has been with Schindler for 16 years. During his tenure, he has spent time in sales, marketing, operations management, and finance. In his current role as a field controller, Mike is responsible for working with P&L managers to set and achieve their financial targets while maintaining compliance with internal controls.

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