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With a supply chain involving second-, third-, and fourth-level suppliers, the supply chain at DISH is incredibly complex.

Join Sid Powar from DISH as he shares the story of how their supply planning process for repair parts went from manually reviewing 10,000 parts on a daily or weekly basis across 500+ spreadsheets, to now focusing on just around 100 parts on a weekly basis with Anaplan, resulting in:

  • Decreased time to plan, create, and share purchase orders with vendors from five weeks down to a few days
  • Increased concentration on business-defined exceptions
  • Transparency and time savings for their planners
About the speaker

Sid Powar

Sid grew up in Mumbai, India, and is an accomplished supply chain, procurement, and operations leader. He has spent 15+ years in various industries, including Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Wireless, and Healthcare, streamlining supply chains and optimizing procurement costs using strong analytical, financial, and P&L skills. Sid has delivered expedited global growth and created near-target performances affecting plan, source, make, deliver, and return (SCOR model) areas of the business. He has managed highly effective teams and has a proven track record of leading through evidence-based management. Sid is a finance enthusiast and loves to read anything from stock trading to global finance and trade. During his free time he loves spending time with his family, which includes two boys under the age of 5.

On-demand webinar