Our five-part sales performance management series continues with a webinar on sales territory and capacity planning.

Planning sales territories is, in theory, simple: put the right salespeople on the right accounts with the right targets. In practice, however, it requires consolidating disparate data sets while actively collaborating with frontline sales—two things that are extremely difficult to do with a spreadsheet-based process.

This webinar focuses on three key benefits of transitioning away from spreadsheets for managing territories and sales capacity planning.

Featured speakers
Rowan Tonkin

Rowan Tonkin
Practice Lead, Sales & Marketing Apps

Kyle Wellin

Kyle Welling
Solution Architect

Register for the other webinars in this five-part series. Topics will include:

  • Tips for improving account segmentation and lead scoring to drive sales performance register here.
  • Creating a comprehensive approach to sales forecasting register here.
  • Motivating the right sales behaviors by defining a compensation plan for every rep register here.
  • Aligning sales, HR, and finance with effective sales targets register here.

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