What is Valizant’s value proposition?

Valizant delivers best-in-class supply chain planning solutions for use by companies needing to more effectively manage their business. Our solutions and consulting practice enable clients to improve communications across multiple parts of their organization and better balance supply and demand, lower inventory costs, improve product launch efficiency and enable real-time collaboration across global supply chains.

How do you help solve your customers’ challenges?

Many well-known brands still use Excel spreadsheets to manage supply and demand planning. An inaccurate, inflexible and slow method, the result is excess inventory, unfilled orders, delayed product launches, frustrated customers and growing costs to continually course-correct a dynamic supply chain.

At Valizant, we provide solutions that enable real-time scenario creation and decision-making for clients. Solutions are deployed in 8-12 weeks and revolutionize a firm’s ability to see their complete supply chain, collaborate across their organization and evaluate the impact of multiple scenarios and put their plans into action. The impact of these solutions is realized savings in the millions of dollars.

Case study

Situation: A leading consumer products company was strategically focused on improving margins and cash flow. By improving accuracy in its supply plans, the company hoped to reduce lead-times with contract manufacturers and better adjust to changing demand.

Impact: Through a designed solution that improved the process, our customer immediately slashed the amount of time spent ‘preparing to plan’ and instead was able to pre-empt supply issues more economically. The company has begun to work with manufacturers to reduce lead times which in-turn, allows later decision-making that is closer to the point of demand.