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Turn constant change to your advantage

Anaplan is a market-leading, cloud-native, enterprise SaaS company, transforming how enterprises across industries see, plan, and drive business performance. Powered by our proprietary Polaris Calculation Engine™ and Hyperblock® technology, our platform lets customers model “what-if” scenarios, contextualize current performance in real time, and forecast future outcomes for faster, more confident decisions.

In a world where market conditions inevitably change, enterprise leaders must connect strategy and plans to actions and results dynamically. Embracing constant change and volatility, Anaplan customers gain digital-led agility to rapidly pivot strategies, redeploy resources, and optimize plans for growth, efficiency, demand, and profitability. With Anaplan, you equip teams to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities ahead of competitors.

Embed Connected Planning in business

Better planning always leads to better business outcomes. But when the planning process is inefficient, it leads to conflicts and inconsistencies – and no one trusts the process or output. Instead, Anaplan unlocks continuous, collaborative planning processes that drive better decision-making and business performance.

By connecting data and illuminating blind spots across your company, you can build a single source of truth, eliminating the need for estimations and enabling you to access the intelligence necessary to prepare confidently for the future you want to create.

Using our role-based, auditable access – something we call center-to-edge participation – you can hear the voices of employees across the entire organization with the expertise to contribute.

Start building smarter plans, increase the buy-in and confidence in your plans, and achieve game-changing outcomes.

Drive consistent, intelligent forward momentum

There are many investments your company could make to drive future growth, and it’s hard to know which ones will maximize the potential for success. With Anaplan, you can turn insights into real-time forecasts – and uncover new opportunities while mitigating risks.

Our scenario modeling and real-time data lets you quickly perform “what-if” analysis with the most current information. Instead of best guesses, you can make strategic choices with confidence, driving better outcomes across business and improving your speed, accuracy, and collaboration of decision-making.

And because Anaplan is a single platform, you can empower business users to easily create use cases and combine them with existing processes.

Start using your data better – boosting collaboration, trust, and transparency across the organization.

Enable agile, collaborative execution

Enterprises operate under increasingly dynamic conditions, requiring fast adjustments to meet their goals. The tools and processes that delivered initial plans are often too rigid to support the quick response needed when the unexpected happens.

The Anaplan platform offers you the agile structures and processes you need to execute plans flawlessly. And, with no-code, flexible modeling, you can put the power of innovation into the hands of the doers.

Center-to-edge participation lets you empower more people throughout the organization, helping make the vision into reality through enhanced collaboration – as well rapidly course-correcting any future disruptions.

And using our self-service reporting with two-way engagement, your stakeholders can easily understand and effectively act on the most up-to-date information and plans.

With Anaplan, you’ll make better decisions to keep your enterprise on course to hit targets and manage risk.

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