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The Anaplan Mission

At Anaplan, our mission is to make all planning for all people a reality. We believe our world is better when we connect communities of people with data to enhance decision-making in dynamic environments.

It’s the Connected Planning way.

We are pioneering Connected Planning...

… the next essential software category that joins people together with data and plans to accelerate business success. Our cloud-based, enterprise SaaS platform is transforming the way business decisions are made — everyday.

We put our customers first...

… to create heroes, unlock potential, build trust and confidence. We challenge legacy thinking and software that isn’t flexible for the modern organization. And we have architected the only platform offering that will take the time from planning to decision down to zero.

We all work together to deliver business value...

… with the power of Connected Planning at every level within every organization, and alongside an ever-growing number of users, a rich partner ecosystem, and active community.

From a stone barn in York, England...

Working in a stone barn in York England, our Founder Michael Gould set out in 2006 to solve the thorny problems of conventional planning tools, including difficult collaboration, scattered data sources, and inflexible modeling and calculation. The result? The powerful, patented modeling technology that is the foundation of the Anaplan platform.

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... to the nyse

Fast forward 12 years to Friday, Oct 12, 2018 and another major company milestone, the ringing of the opening bell during our IPO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. These are only 2 stops on our mission to providing all planning for all people. What’s next for Anaplan? Follow us on our journey to find out.

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Our success depends upon
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“I have been at HP eight years, and I have never seen a start to the year like we had this year, thanks to Anaplan.”

Sue Barsamian, Senior Vice President of Indirect Sales at HP

Recognized as THE
Connected Planning Pioneer

"It's thrilling to be part of a company that's just gone public and shows zero signs of slowing down."

Ben Lempert, Content Marketing Manager, San Francisco, US

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