Intuitive and responsive planning platform

Easy-to-use interface for optimized decision-making

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Put the power of hyperscale computing in your hands

The best tools won’t help if they’re too complicated to use. Anaplan synchronizes planning across your organization in clear, collaborative formats and dashboards. Connect across locations and devices with ease. Empower your leaders with edge-to-edge insight and distill complexity to strategic clarity. So you can drive performance, maximize opportunities, respond to change and achieve winning outcomes.

Intuitive capabilities of Anaplan’s digital user experience

Enhance your ability to collaborate, participate, and execute agile planning across your organization with an expansive suite of capabilities within Anaplan’s cloud-based, Connected Planning platform.

Get the critical, personalized information you need right when you need it the most

  • A new, modern design provides every user with a personalized experience. Build plans and execute tasks easily and quickly.
  • Access customized views with key performance metrics and multidimensional reports.
  • Increase productivity with faster, direct access to the most important information and applications.
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Update plans, visualize impacts, and make confident decisions with an intuitive user interface

  • Visually impactful, customized views and reports provide you with insightful planning and analysis.
  • View Designer and View Merge enable users to slice, pivot, filter, and sort data.
  • Build pages, apps, and boards to create more visual, interactive dashboards that display KPIs, charts, and more.
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Deploy Anaplan via desktop, tablets, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Highly responsive and secure with a modern UX that spans across devices.
  • View KPIs, receive alerts, and make timely changes and updates easily and on-the-fly.
  • Multi-device accessibility simplifies planning from desktop to tablet to mobile.
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Enhance your ability to collaborate, participate, and execute agile planning across any device

  • Contextualize data together, unify strategy, and complete business processes with commenting.
  • Bring the right people into the planning process at the right time to make more informed decisions, faster with sharing.
  • Enable teams to drive efficiencies, streamline collaboration, and reduce communication loops with real time notifications.
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Drive productivity with Anaplan Extensions for Excel and PowerPoint

Extensions help agile decision-making and break down silos between online and offline analysis and reporting.

  • One-click access to Anaplan data with sync, refresh, and write-back capabilities for offline and online planning.
  • Reporting with flexible formatting, styling, and quick-and-easy refresh.
  • Ad-hoc analysis with the ability to leverage Anaplan saved views as well as native pivot and sort capabilities via add-ins.
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Key benefits of the Anaplan user experience

With Anaplan’s user experience, you’ll see enterprise-wide adoption and broadened collaboration. Business impacts will be visualized immediately and the planning experience for every user and every team will become intuitive and powerful.

Bring more people and key stakeholders into the planning process at the right times and end siloed thinking

Empower planners with an intuitive, self-service solution that they can use immediately without expensive training

Leverage data-rich dashboards and analysis to innovate and deliver business capabilities faster

Eliminate complexity to make it simple and efficient for more people to do more high-value activities

Remove manual processes to respond to business changes faster and make decisions more confidently

Keep up the pace without missing a beat with highly secure, multi-device planning accessibility

There are more use cases for Anaplan than I can imagine at this point.

Robert Ficalora, Senior Director, IT, Hewlett-Packard