Anaplan UK Gender Pay Gap Report

(April 2023)


Enclosed is Anaplan's Gender Pay Gap report, for the period between April 2022 and April 2023 Anaplan is committed to creating a more diverse workforce and an inclusive and equitable workplace where all people feel they belong.

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The gender pay gap

We recognise that the current reporting regulation is that of a binary gender pay gap, looking exclusively at those who have identified themselves as male or female.

Anaplan fully supports our transgender and non-binary employees and although the current regulations do not make provisions for all gender identities, we acknowledge that we are working towards gender equity for all historically underrepresented groups.

Our results


While we have work to do on this front, Anaplan is making strides toward closing the pay gap between male and female as part of our commitment to gender equity.

Yearly pay gap table

Our 2023 Gender Pay Report results shows a year-over-year reduction of 2.1% of our mean hourly rates with a gender pay gap of 17.67% for two consecutive years. We have seen a decrease of 2% in the proportion of female employees in the highest-earning quartile.

Our mean bonus gap between male and female is narrowing, decreasing by 22.9% in 2023 from 2022 to 35.32%. The decrease in gap is largely driven by historical stock grants paid out during the reporting cycle. Across our UK employees, the gender bonus gap is driven by those in higher quartiles receiving a higher bonus amount relevant to their scope of role and level within Anaplan.

Any new starters at the time when the data was captured would not have received a bonus payment, which is why the data shows a small percentage not receiving a bonus.


We confirm that the information and data provided in this report are accurate and in line with mandatory requirements.

Dayne Turbitt, SVP, Managing Director EMEA
Rhonda Holmes, Sr. Director, DE&I
Clare Wilkinson, VP, Software Engineering