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4 components of a workforce plan for temporary employees

In the past few years, contingent workforces have been growing at increasingly rapid rates. According to Deloitte, some companies are spending up to 30 percent of procurement dollars on contingent workers. These outsourced labor sources provide increased flexibility for many organizations. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “In the $75 Billion Videogame Industry,… read more →

Four pillars of successful sales operations

After many years working in sales—starting as a rookie sales rep for SAP, then helping start Ariba before joining Anaplan in 2016—I’ve seen the critical role that sales operations plays in a company’s success. So while it isn’t glamorous, the behind-the-curtain work of sales ops is key, especially when scaling from a couple of sales… read more →

Lionpoint Group helps private equity firms improve financial performance management

Henri Wajsblat, Anaplan’s Head of Financial Services Solutions, interviewed Anaplan partner and Lionpoint Group Executive Director Nick Moore about how new technology solutions can help the private equity sector improve performance management. At Hub17, Lionpoint Group launched the Theoretical Waterfall Anaplan app, designed to model and forecast returns of private equity funds.Over the last few… read more →

Twelve Consulting Group goes to school

As an Anaplan partner, our mission at Twelve Consulting Group is to improve the lives and opportunities of our people, customers, and communities by empowering them with the latest technology. In the spirit of sharing our way of thinking and inspiring continuous growth, we created Twelve.EDU.Twelve team members Megan, Haley, and Liz rocking the Twelve.EDU… read more →

6 forecasting best practices from BetterVu

Now that we are entering the second quarter of the year, many finance teams are getting down to their first systematic reforecast, while more agile organizations that adopt a monthly rolling forecast may have already completed two or more. In our fast-moving business world, generating more frequent forecasts can bring obvious benefits. But according to… read more →