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People of Anaplan: Meet Hanyul Lee

Anaplan Strategic Account Executive Hanyul Lee loves making lists. Whether it’s a music playlist for a party, a list of tasks for the week ahead, or a list of fun places to take his daughter Maya, his life is ruled by lists. Fortunately, he found a spot on his to-do list—somewhere after “run a half… read more →

sales forecasting

DocuSign enhances its sales forecasting by defining and setting automated KPIs in Anaplan

As the Sales Performance Intelligence Manager at DocuSign, I’m responsible for providing our sales leaders the insights they need to effectively manage their businesses. I’m also responsible for providing our stakeholders in other areas of the business with a clean, easily digestible, and accurate sales forecast. Anaplan has enabled me to empower our sales leaders… read more →

6 tips for a successful Anaplan implementation

I’ve spent the last six years of my career leading projects and teams across Unum Group, a leader in employee benefits in the U.S. and U.K. I’ve worked in a variety of areas—including underwriting, claim operations, and corporate finance—and learned what makes a project succeed.At the recent Innovation in Financial Services event held by Anaplan in… read more →

Network with emerging tech planning leaders in San Francisco

During its planning cycle of 2014, the finance department at DocuSign, a digital signature company that adds 300,000 new unique users every day, realized its planning systems—disparate spreadsheets coupled with overlapping business processes—couldn’t scale with its fast-growing business. But within a few short years, the company had transformed its financial planning processes with the Anaplan… read more →

3 tips for launching your B2B sales analytics program

Companies today are using B2B sales analytics in new and valuable ways. As a strategic consultant to many B2B businesses worldwide, Periscope by McKinsey has seen firsthand how new analytics tools, strategies, and best practices help such businesses achieve and advance their sales revenue goals. By looking at the experiences of others, organizations just beginning… read more →

Intuitive Surgical simplifies complex sales compensation management using the Anaplan platform

Companies today struggle to establish and maintain effective sales compensation programs. One survey by the Alexander Group found that only 20 percent of companies have complete alignment between sales compensation and company objectives. So when a company manages sales compensation well, people sit up and listen. Intuitive Surgical, a U.S. manufacturer of robotic surgical systems… read more →

A Big Sur vacation as Anaplan’s guest

When Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics implemented the Anaplan platform in summer 2016, the company set—and then met—an aggressive goal: to complete its 2017 budget in Anaplan. “We built a lot in a very short time working with our partner Twelve Consulting,” said Brett Lukowicz, Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Echo. “Now our… read more →