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How to save on payroll costs: Key insights from a workforce planning expert

The power, flexibility, and speed of building models on the Anaplan platform makes it particularly attractive to consulting organizations that want to quickly build apps, and easily embed proven, best-practice methodologies. Many of these organizations attended Hub16, including Workforce Insight, experts in workforce planning and labor optimization. The firm helps global companies, including more than… read more →


Trending in corporate finance: McKinsey discovers that companies actively reallocating resources deliver 30% higher shareholder returns

Research by McKinsey found that, on average, companies allocate 90 percent or more of their resources to the same projects and activities year after year. This happens regardless of market changes, what competitors are doing, or how corporate strategies are evolving. This common allocation approach is a classic example of planning short-sightedness, which is best… read more →


3 benefits of moving your territory and quota management process off of spreadsheets

Planning sales territories and quotas is, in theory, simple: Put the right reps on the right accounts with the right targets. However, achieving it requires you to consolidate disparate sets data and actively collaborate with frontline sales—two things that are extremely difficult with a spreadsheet-based process.According to SiriusDecisions, 38% of companies reported having a lack… read more →


Deloitte reveals how to enable an insight-driven organization with Anaplan

With more than 30 years of working in enterprise performance management (EPM) both in consulting and the software industry, Ron Dimon, Managing Director of Analytics and Information Management at Deloitte, is recognized as a master in his field. His experience and expertise are clearly demonstrated in his book Enterprise Performance Management Done Right (Wiley 2013)…. read more →


Optimizing variable compensation takes the right technology—not a web of spreadsheets

Does your incentive compensation program have the appropriate level of complexity and the right tools to optimize sales performance? Setting incentive compensation is one of the most complex aspects of managing a sales organization. With the risk of over- incentivizing reps and paying them too much or the counter—paying too little and managing rep disengagement,… read more →


Two sales planning tactics that can differentiate the average organizations from the high-performers

The Sales Management Association (SMA), in partnership with Anaplan, have published a new research report on sales planning best practices of high-performing sales organizations. Let’s take a closer look at the various sales planning activities that need to happen at regular intervals throughout the business cycle, so that sales leaders, like yourself, can determine key… read more →


Anaplan positioned the furthest for Vision in the Visionaries Quadrant of MQ for: Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions – having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future1.Gartner recently launched a category, Strategic Corporate Performance Management (SCPM)2 and Anaplan is excited to be positioned the furthest for Vision in the Visionaries Quadrant in the MQ for SCPM.What is Gartner’s new category?According to a 2015 Gartner report,… read more →


Taking financial planning from complex to complete

This blog recaps key highlights from the webinar, “Take your financial planning from complex to complete,” featuring Accenture and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.If you work in Finance, you likely know that while your colleagues still expect you to keep a tight handle on costs, they also look to you to help them cope with the increasing volatility… read more →