Plan to be agile. Plan to be bold. Plan to be connected.

Make faster decisions, enhance the outcome — repeat

See clearly

Eliminate blind spots and enable real-time insights

  •  Create a sharable, living representation of how your business really works
  •  Benefit from a single source of planning truth that offers a unified user experience
  •  Harness an advanced modeling engine for accurate forecasting
  •  Get line-of-sight visibility into every asset, resource, risk, and change
Anaplan dashboard

Plan confidently

Digitally transform planning and enhance agility

  •  Join the future of FP&A with extended planning and analysis (xP&A) — Connected Planning
  •  Support mission-critical decision-making with a disruption- proof platform
  •  Access actionable insights in real time to drive decisions and maximize performance
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Lead decisively

Synchronize execution and readiness

  • Create center-to-edge alignment, connecting headquarters to global outposts
  •  Benefit from a single source of planning truth that offers a unified user experience
  •  Empower autonomous, coordinated action across the organization
  •  Instill enterprise-wide resilience by nurturing connections and expertise
  •  Adapt at market speed to maximize returns, minimize risk, and gain the competitive advantage
"The power of Anaplan to apply automation and standardization to a fast-moving company like Groupon is really powerful" - Finance Manager, Groupon

Deliver big outcomes with smarter planning and faster decision-making

Drive Top-Line Revenue

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Attract and retain more customers and deliver what they want faster.

Improve the Bottom Line

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Increase efficiency of cost of sales, cost of goods, corporate shared services, and services.

Mitigate Risk

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Manage programs and business performance across myriad operating factors.

Connect your financial, strategic, and operational planning in real time