What do Gartner, Forrester, and IDC have in common? They all named Anaplan a planning leader.

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Connected Planning

Orchestrating performance starts with Connected Planning

Synchronize your strategy and execution enterprise-wide using a trusted system of record built for agility.

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Convert change to your advantage

Digitally transform planning

  • Gartner has projected that by the year 2024, 70% of all enterprises will be planning with extended planning and analysis—Connected Planning.
  • Currently most of the leading companies in the largest categories of business across the globe are using Anaplan to support their mission-critical decision making.
  • Extended Planning and Analysis (XP&A), like Connected Planning, is about access to trusted signals and actionable insights in real time to drive decisions and maximize performance.
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Illuminate blind spots and hidden opportunities

Easily create a shareable, living representation of how your business actually works.

  • Use Anaplan’s hyperscale computing to eliminate the “messy middle” caused by out-of-date, siloed signals. Anaplan is infinitely scalable, secure, and multi-dimensional.
  • Experience an integrated, dynamic signal set that incorporates internal and external factors, relationships, and market context across functions—all seamlessly integrated.
  • Benefit from a single source of truth in a high-fidelity, responsive, unified system of record for execution and accountability—reliable, accurate and traceable.
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Enable real-time insights

Unleash the signals hidden in your systems

  • Connected systems of insight reveal previously unseen opportunities with timely relevance.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art, hyperscale computing to better understand drivers of change and make accurate forecasts.
  • Get decision-making clarity through line-of-sight visibility into every asset, resource, risk and change
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Become agile and resilient with continuous models and forecasts

Inspire bold change and reinvention

  • Pivot from actionable scenarios to winning actions. Collaborate and target future financial implications and ultimate business outcomes.
  • Run unlimited multi-dimensional scenarios to identify ideal plans of action.
  • Shift from reactive to proactive. Model the impact of change and easily visualize its effects on all areas of your business.
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Synchronize execution and readiness

Direct and redirect your entire organization. Now.

  • Create center-to-edge alignment. Enable autonomous and coordinated in-market action by connecting headquarters to your most remote outposts.
  • Benefit from compliant, secure autonomy that empowers people directly across financial, commercial and operational functions to run advanced models and analytics on their own—independent of CIO cycles and resources, yet deployed to CIO standards.
  • Gain enterprise-wide resilience by capturing connections and patterns to record learning and expertise.
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Your future with Oracle is hazy. Find clarity with Anaplan.

Real-time data across functions brings insight into what’s happening, why, and where you’re headed.

Transform the way you see, plan, and run your business