Flexible, scalable, collaborative

The Anaplan Platform

The Anaplan platform supports detailed hyperscale models that can see your business from edge to edge, and plan with signals down to the transactional level.

A platform built for orchestrating performance

Anticipate change, pivot fast, and speed decision-making - all with the power of Connected Planning

Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes. Anaplan is hyperscale computing applied to your operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies. Designed to solve your challenges with clarity and collaborative power, our platform makes it possible for companies to succeed at any scale of complexity. Empower your workforce from your CFO to your most remote hubs with continually updated information shared enterprise-wide. With predictive power and integrated multi-dimensional analytic capability, Anaplan helps you convert constant change to your advantage.

The modern enterprise is no longer a collection of autonomous units—it’s a unified entity that functions best when decision-makers are given immediate access to all relevant information. The Anaplan platform makes this synchronized action a reality.

Why a platform

Successful businesses must mitigate four key challenges to stay ahead: change, complexity, collaboration, and scale.

With Anaplan, business leaders can see edge-to-edge across their company, easily align, and achieve business and technology goals.

Anaplan helps you tacking change, complexity, collaboration, and scale with continuous innovation, data-driven decisions, forward-looking architecture, real-time information, flexible data strategy, and personalized experiences

As digital transformation continues to reshape the business world, the challenge for today’s leaders is to leverage technologies that set their businesses up for the future.

Achieve business and technology goals, faster with Connected Planning

The Anaplan platform is built to help businesses think ahead and rapidly adapt to change.


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Planning as a team sport

The Anaplan user experience puts the entire enterprise on a single platform, sharing continually updated signals in real-time across devices for flexibility and rapid decision-making. Intuitive model-building requires zero coding-knowledge.


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Planning with intelligence

Transform complex inputs into actionable recommendations with embedded optimization, predictive algorithms, and AI capabilities. Machine learning speeds decision-making across use cases.


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Modeling your business

Model even the most complicated business scenarios and stay ahead of change with multi-dimensional modelling and unlimited constraints. Maintain 100% consistency across all model changes.


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Planning in unison

Unify data collection and analysis in a single location, enabling both high-level and granular insights and facilitating data-sharing with all stakeholders. Leverage APIs, ETL connectors, and built-in integrations.


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Planning at scale

The Anaplan platform connects your entire enterprise, scaling as you grow and handling real-time changes at any size. Calculations stay consistent and rapid for all data sets and any number of users.


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Planning with security

Robust protection keeps business data safe. Best-in-class security and compliance include BYOK, role-based access control, user management, SSO support with SAML 2.0 compliance, and data encryption at rest.