Precision and flexibility at market speed

Connect people, data, and plans across your enterprise to a single source of truth.

Anticipate change and pivot fast across your business

View and contextualize current performance, forecast future outcomes to fuel growth, mitigate risk, and optimize costs so you can make faster, more confident decisions. 

Enterprise-wide Connected Planning

Synchronize planning across your organization in clear, collaborative formats and dashboards.

Scalable, intelligent architecture

Apply hyperscale computing to your operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies.

Incredible time to value

Model scenarios, collaborate with stakeholders, and speed decisions on the go from a unified UX.

Convert constant change to your advantage

Successful businesses must mitigate four key challenges to stay ahead: change, complexity, collaboration, and scale.

Graphic illustrating converting change into your advantage

With Anaplan, you’ll gain end-to-end visibility and alignment across your company.

Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes

Empower your workforce — from your CFO to your most remote hubs — with continually updated information shared enterprise-wide. 

User Experience

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Enable your entire enterprise to share continually updated information in real-time across devices for flexibility and rapid decisions. Intuitive model-building requires zero coding knowledge.


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Transform complex inputs into actionable recommendations with embedded optimization, predictive algorithms, and AI capabilities. Machine learning speeds decision-making across use cases.

Planning & Modeling

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Model even the most complicated business scenarios and stay ahead of change with multi-dimensional modelling and unlimited constraints. Maintain 100% consistency across all model changes.


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Unify data collection and analysis in a single location, enabling both high-level and granular insights and facilitating data-sharing with all stakeholders. Leverage APIs, ETL connectors, and built-in integrations.

Enterprise Scale

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Connect your entire enterprise, scaling as you grow and handling real-time changes at any size. Calculations stay consistent and rapid for all data sets and any number of users.


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Keep your business data safe with robust protections. Best-in-class security and compliance include BYOK, role-based access control, user management, SSO support, and data encryption at rest.

Lay the foundation for your connected enterprise

See clearly, plan confidently, and lead decisively across your organization with the power of our Connected Planning platform.

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Start planning with Anaplan

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