why anaplan

Scenario planning and continuous forecasting
in real-time to drive your best performance

Orchestrate iterative planning and business operations to fully engage strategy, stay nimble, and drive to your goals.

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Anaplan combines the benefits of real-time enterprise-wide scenario forecasting with the power of actionable insights

Orchestrate your operational and financial plans to get results and achieve goals in revenue, liquidity, supply chain, and workforce planning.

Connected Planning delivers insight and improves efficiency

See the impact of real-time collaboration across your enterprise

  • End siloed work and static information. Experience the benefits of hyperscale computing to create and evaluate multiple  scenarios. Establish a single source of truth and link plans to action and accountability.
  • With seamlessly integrated real-time performance signals, you identify and understand patterns and trends quickly, giving you the power to pivot when and where needed. Track precise internal and external conditions, shifting factors and market contexts to act with confidence.
  • Anaplan is infinitely scalable so you can build multi-dimensional scenarios and choose a best path forward through dynamic environments. Easily collaborate across functions and across oceans staying agile across your entire enterprise.
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Line-of-sight illuminates blind spots and opportunities

Fast, multi-dimensional insight to empower better decision-making

  • Anaplan connects people, systems, and data to synthesize and distribute continuous crucial insights.
  • Synchronize operational execution to tightly align resources, mitigate risks and leverage assets to the outermost edges of your systems.
  • Share rich analysis in easy formats to empower all users to make better decisions based on collaborative insights.
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Model your business operations and test multiple scenarios

Then choose an option and link it to outcomes in real time

  • Continuously model multiple operational possibilities that drive ideal financial outcomes.
  • Pivot with agility and resilience powered by quick and collaborative scenario planning.
  • Link multiple rolling forecasts and exogenous insights for fast knowledge-based leadership decisions.
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Pivoting with empowered agility

Convert constant change to consistent advantage

  • Act decisively from a single source of truth that incorporates real time internal and external data sources from the outermost edges of your business.
  • Respond to unexpected challenges with confidence. Focus on options and decisions based on a connected, line of sight landscape. Move forward collaboratively with shared insights and a single source of truth—everyone on the same page with the same plan.
  • Reimagine your company, from workforce to supply chain, from sales to finance. Recreate workflows and outcomes with built-in agility and resilience.
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Leading companies around the world choose Anaplan

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Orchestrate performance with agility and resilience