A platform for planning at enterprise scale

Improve decision-making at every level

Anaplan Enterprise Scale Interface

A platform that lets you orchestrate your business from edge-to-edge

Anaplan’s platform meets you where you are. Our hyperscale modeling capabilities work with speed and reliability at any scale of business, and with any number of users. Improve decision-making across your entire enterprise with the ability to pivot with purpose as you grow. Drive your best financial outcomes today and tomorrow.

Large-scale capabilities of Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform

Enhance your ability to plan, collaborate, and execute with agility across your organization with the power of real time control enabled by Anaplan’s cloud-based, Connected Planning platform.

The power to plan the whole enterprise

  • Hyper-threading with CPU cores allows the platform to process millions of rows per second.
  • Our patented Hyperblock® technology processes only the relevant cells, dramatically reducing calculation time.
  • Models can incorporate multiple dimensions with zero loss in performance.
Illustration of Hyperblock® technology

Platform administration console and control center keeps the enterprise organized

  • Central place for administrators to monitor and manage workspaces, models, and tenant.
  • Manage, control, and audit users, roles, and access.
  • Register and manage Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.
  • Manage and audit encryption settings.
Anaplan dashboard

Application lifecycle management (ALM) in the cloud

  • Systematically synchronize structure between models, which enables you to update production models quickly and easily.
  • Production application and associated duties can now be owned separately from the development of an application.
  • View the changes between two versions of an application.
  • Lock down model structure in production environments to provide extra security.
Anaplan product illustration

Key benefits of scaling with the Anaplan platform

With the Anaplan platform, you can connect decision-makers across the enterprise, keeping everyone aligned to the same data. Our platform allows complete consistency across all models, calculating even substantial changes in sub-seconds, so that changes in one area of the business are immediately visible to stakeholders everywhere. Collaboration, decision-making, modeling, scenario planning: enjoy all of these at unprecedented scale and speed.

Architecture icon

Cloud architecture with in-memory processing

CPU organization icon

CPU optimization with read-ahead processing and hyper-threading

console and stopwatch icon

Platform administration console and control center

Application cloud lifecycle icon

Application lifecycle management (ALM) in the cloud

Laptop icon

Speed and performance with any number of concurrent users

operations processing icon

Trillions of operations processed per second

Increasingly, value isn’t driven by knowing how things work. It’s driven by knowing how things work together.
Jack McGarry, Group CFO, Unum