Strategize and collaborate with agility amid constant change

Mobilize complex scenario planning to the smallest detail, intelligently forecast the biggest picture, and empower teams to make decisions faster.

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What is the ROI you can expect from Anaplan?

Forrester Consulting says it's up to 324% over a 3-year period. Learn how successful companies use Anaplan Connected Planning platform to gain a competitive edge.

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COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning

For state and local governments, healthcare providers, and other organizations

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Drive future-ready performance enterprise-wide

Connected Planning & insight

Know the true current state

Work with real-time data and insights from the outermost edges of your enterprise. Collaborate with the same, accurate, updated information. Everyone using the same playbook. Everyone on the same page. Everyone operating from one source of truth.

Continuous forecasting & scenario planning

Empower agile decision-making

Model broad and varied scenarios to fuel your rolling forecasts, updated automatically with relevant, current information so your plans for tomorrow reflect what just happened today. And do it all in real time. Not in days or weeks. In minutes.

Readiness & reinvention

Plan to pivot

Be ready to make everything happen at once. Synchronize planning and performance across your enterprise, from the C-suite to your most remote hub. Reinvent workflows. Reduce latency. Quickly convert challenges to advantages.

See the Anaplan difference

In a dynamic, ever-changing and fast-moving landscape,

Anaplan connects your strategy to your outcomes and layers in accountability connected to a single source of truth

Analysts recognize Anaplan as game-changing for performance management and modernizing FP&A

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Orchestrate performance with agility and resilience