Sync your supply chain with the operational, financial, and commercial areas of your business

Supply planning

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Achieve real-time line of sight and ensure accurate supply forecasts across your extended enterprise to consistently and efficiently meet demand. Identify critical supply planning patterns and signals with insight and a single source of truth.

Demand planning

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Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations by leveraging critical signals from inside and outside your organization. Drive demand instead of reacting to it. Orchestrate outcomes with accountability and ownership.

Sales and operations planning

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Deploy a dynamic, collaborative S&OP process that effectively factors in all relevant metrics and forecasts, streamlining your ability to make the best decisions for your business. Link signals to plans with agility.

Anaplan Applications for Supply Chain Planning

Explore our suite of end-to-end supply chain applications

Implement seamless, AI-driven planning across your supply network for real-time, collaborative decision-making and faster time to value. 

A resilient supply chain should be your competitive advantage

Model your supply chain with intelligence

Enable real-time collaboration across departments, functions, suppliers, and customers.

  • Create a complete, high-fidelity digital twin of your supply chain to unlock end-to-end visibility and control.
  • Establish planning horizons, from daily to long-term, that match the pace of your business.
  • Aggregate data into a single source of truth, allowing changes in one area to immediately roll to all others.
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Make insights actionable

Align people, process, and technology to enhance predictability.

  • Improve forecast accuracy by applying audience intelligence, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to your signals to identify drivers of change.
  • Deliver learning breakthroughs with a rich library of available analytical methods, templates and ad hoc functions.
  • Discover fresh perspectives on your organization through a connected supply chain process.
Anaplan reporting dashboard

Understand the impact of change

Adapt your supply chain strategy at the speed of business.

  • Gauge the impact of changes and increase forecast accuracy with scenario modeling. Plot and pivot from options to winning actions.
  • Get full line-of-sight visibility into every asset, resource, risk, and change across the supply chain.
  • Shift decisions from reactive to proactive while confidently anticipating the right moves to optimize revenue, cost, and profit.
Sonos slashes time to execute demand changes from two weeks to one day.

Execute with synchronized agility

Create profitable and resilient responses to demand and supply chain variability.

  • Create center-to-edge alignment and enable course corrections within hours. Pivot entire networks in days while avoiding demand shortages and achieving shipment targets.
  • Benefit from compliant, secure autonomy that directly empowers people across the operation — independent of CIO cycles and resources, yet deployed to CIO standards.
  • View and manage supply chain costs with full P&L modeling across supply chain networks with added interactive supply-demand balancing.
Delmonte cuts supply chain finance planning process from two weeks to two days.
We can do things two to three times quicker and more efficiently than we ever did before.
Ardy Duwel, Head of Commercial Projects, Tata Steel Europe