Plan for now and the future on The Anaplan Platform

Turn complex inputs into actionable results

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Empowered decision-making

Anaplan PlanIQ™ helps users drive accurate decisions with forecasting that leverages powerful, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Collaborate across your enterprise, working with a single source of truth, updated and calculated in real-time. Test multiple scenarios and quickly operationalize best options.

Predictive intelligence

Plan intelligently across your organization with a suite of platform capabilities.

Optimized answers to complicated scenarios

Schedule or plan with metrics for minimized costs, maximized yields optimal planning scheduling, and optimized resource assignments

Intuitive user interface

  • Optimization capabilities can be run from the user interface. Zero coding knowledge is required.
  • Once models are created, users across the business can leverage intelligent capabilities.
  • User-friendly dashboards make navigating easy.
Anaplan dashboards showing user interface

Enterprise-wide intelligence

  • Embedded algorithms enable statistical forecasting: Curve fit, smoothing, seasonal smoothing, basic, and intermittent.
  • Optimize for enterprise-level decisions to the edges of your business in real time.
  • Leverage data insights and identify signals to drive better outcomes.
Public Data (Social media, Google), Company Data (Salesforce, Marketo, Survey Monkey), Anaplan Data

Accurate, intelligent forecasting at your fingertips

  • Anaplan PlanIQ delivers integrated AI/ML and statistical forecasting capabilities for accessible, accurate, and scalable predictions.
  • Improve forecast accuracy with industry-leading technology to drive faster decisions that maximize growth.
  • Explainable drivers of forecasts to take action quickly when markets change.
  • Automate your forecasting process with a completely managed service to speed efficiencies.

Key benefits of Anaplan’s intelligence capabilities

Embedded intelligence allows you to evaluate an infinite amount of possibilities for any scenario, get optimized answers, then tweak constraints to assess different outcomes. Quickly narrow options and find the ideal solution.

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Advanced analytical functions and predictive algorithms

Optimization icon

Optimization capabilities offered through the user interface

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Purpose-built solutions such as PlanIQ leverage third-party analytics and ML platforms

What-if analyses that used to take all day are done in seconds with Anaplan, with zero risk of mistakes.
Enrico Righini, Group Controller, ASK Industries