Unleash finance as the strategic catalyst for digital transformation.

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Orchestrated, Nimble Financial Planning Strategy

Plan the best financial outcomes with connected signals, adaptive scenarios, and maximum accountability in today’s changing and competitive environment.

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IDC Recognizes Anaplan as a Cloud EPM Leader

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Enterprise Performance Management Software for Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 2020 Vendor Assessment

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Time’s up for Oracle’s legacy tool. Switch to Anaplan.

Give your organization the power to see, plan, and run your business through the next normal.

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Convert change to competitive advantage in finance

Disruption is the new normal in business, and traditional planning is often too slow and fragmented to enable leaders to convert challenge into opportunity. Anaplan for Finance connects your people, data, and plans across your organization to empower the right decisions quickly.

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

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Deliver timely, reliable budgets, forecasts, analyses, and reports for better and faster decision-making.

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Specialty Finance Planning

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Create profitability and pricing models, automate cost management practices, and implement unlimited finance use cases with seamless connection.

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Operational Planning

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Link strategy to execution and accelerate response time by connecting financial and operational plans, such as capital expenditure plans and facility plans.

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The future of decision-making in finance

Finance leaders need to create fast, reliable processes to deliver more robust insight for management decision-making.

The financial planning and analysis solution for today

Anaplan empowers financial analysts to adjust scenarios quickly to include changing business conditions without relying on IT. Anaplan’s flexible modeling capabilities automate, structure, and connect a range of financial and operational use cases to steer business performance more effectively.

  • Respond to changing marketplace conditions clearly and swiftly, creating center-to-edge alignment to simultaneously enable autonomous and coordinated market action by connecting headquarters and the field like never before.
  • Benefit from compliant, secure autonomy that empowers people directly across financial, commercial, and operational functions—independent of CIO cycles and resources, yet deployed to CIO standards.
  • Experience unprecedented agility by making a course correction in hours or pivoting entire organizations of thousands, in days.
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Connected Planning unleashes new possibilities

Anticipate and address performance gaps in an agile manner with Anaplan. Analyze root causes by drilling down into dimensionally rich financial and operational data. Assess the impact of alternative courses of actions quickly. Enable more effective and collaborative decision-making and execution.

  • Replace rigid applications and cumbersome processes with a single environment that aligns information and drives cross-functional partnership.
  • Improve confidence and accuracy in a single source of truth with accountability, governance, and traceability.
  • Leverage an integrated and dynamic data set incorporating internal and external factors, correlation, and market context.
  • Tackle complexity and collaborate in real time to immediately see the impact of scenario changes.
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Uncover hidden drivers of performance

With Anaplan, finance teams eliminate rigid tools and reporting siloes, bringing in value-added analysis, better management decisions, and collaboration throughout their business. Adopting a Connected Planning approach aligns corporate objectives with financial plans linked to market events and operational tactics. The result is transformation that accelerates business advantage.

  • Gain deeper insights and enhanced predictability.
  • Plan with new intelligence that yields relevant and timely insights.
  • Connect finance processes with line of sight into every asset, resource, risk and change across disparate functions and systems.
  • Leverage a rich analytic data set, ad hoc analytic tools, and statistical capabilities, helping users discover root causes by drilling down into dimensionally rich financial and operational data.
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Empower your decisions and plans of action

Reimagine and reinvent your finance operations

Shift from reactive to proactive decision-making. Confidently anticipate the right moves to optimize revenue, cost and profit. Use Anaplan modeling scenarios to inform financial and operational action.

  • Gauge the impact of alternative courses of action through Anaplan modeling and forecasting.
  • Plot and pivot from options to best outcomes. Collaborate and target future financial implications.
  • Empower your teams and shift decisions from reactive to proactive. Confidently anticipate the right moves to optimize revenue, cost, and profit.
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Increasingly, value isn’t driven by knowing how things work. It’s driven by knowing how things work together.

Jack McGarry, EVP & CFO, Unum