A more agile sales strategy

Connect revenue plans to stabilize sales performance and drive growth.

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Connect sales planning to sales performance

Sales Planning

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Design and optimize territories, quotas and targets, capacity plans, and account segmentation strategies to keep your team focused on securing revenue.

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Sales Incentives

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Transform incentives from a line item to a strategic revenue driver by building, modeling, and optimizing compensation plans faster.

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Sales Insights

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Fill your pipeline with realistic, winnable opportunities and increase the accuracy of sales and revenue forecasts.

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Driving growth in uncertain times

Predict and protect your revenue with flexible sales planning and a focused, productive sales organization.

Manage your go-to-market strategy to prepare for any future

Stabilize revenue and build agility into your sales strategy

Anaplan provides a single, connected platform for more agile sales planning and sales performance management. Anticipate market disruption and easily evaluate multiple scenarios. Motivate your sellers and maximize selling time while keeping your organization connected, flexible, and prepared for the future.

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Eliminate sales management and planning silos

Collaborate in real time across functions and departments

  • Provide a single, reliable source of truth across all revenue functions. Connect stakeholders and decision makers with signals linked to planning.
  • Collaborate simultaneously with multiple teams and instantly link changes in quotas, territories, comp plans, or forecasts to all other relevant plans and decisions.
  • Make course corrections at the speed required by your business.
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Enhance predictability and gain deeper insights

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities as you optimize sales performance

  • Always know where you stand and where you need to go, with multiple real-time scenarios.
  • Enrich internally collected signals with external sources and cutting-edge hyperscale computing to more accurately predict sales outcomes.
  • Transform complex sales planning inputs into actionable recommendations.
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Anaplan is really one vision of the truth. You can look at it from all angles.

Alyson Lougheed, Manager of Sales Compensation, TELUS