Post-transformation, digital-driven performance

High-velocity decisions and actions. Agile future-casting. Distributed innovation. First-mover advantage.

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Connected Planning: Embed xP&A/RevOps/IBP for rapid, insightful decision-making and action, extended to include all critical functions



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Connect strategic, financial, and operational planning for agility, immediacy, and accountability in advancing the decision-making that fuels growth, optimizes costs, and mitigates risk. Empower your finance team with more efficient, collaborative, intelligent, and self-service business modeling and analytics.


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Create a comprehensive view of the commercial drivers across your enterprise. Gain visibility into the levers that drive sales performance and transparency into how these levers impact revenue and profit margins. So sales leaders can accelerate revenue and growth by making better business decisions on what levers to adjust and when to pivot sales.


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Build the supply chain of the future. Uplevel your supply chain management to maximize visibility, reduce time-to-decisions, and enable the kind of responsiveness that tomorrow’s realities will demand. Move from a linear model to a more networked and integrated approach.

Connect strategy and plans to decisions and results

Anaplan unleashes agility by solving common problems.

Siloed functions

Isolated work and static signals hold your company back.

You’re in the “messy middle.” Your business accumulates critical information but doesn’t integrate it or link it to plans and forecasts. Information doesn’t provide clarity to see the best action to take. Anaplan’s enterprise-wide, line-of-sight signals empower decision-making and transform outcomes.

Anaplan Honeycomb Illustration showing how Anaplan connects functions across the business

Static Planning

Stale data and offline insights hamper your strategy.

You can’t orchestrate your next move when your business performance and your strategy are disconnected. You have multiple systems compiling insights but can’t access their collective meaning, so you feel a step behind. Anaplan provides real-time, accurate models that enable collaboration and strategic alignment, giving you a complete picture of the state of your business.

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Fragmented accountability

Information spread across your business conceals performance and accountability.

Your enterprise’s performance is tangled up in a confusing range of reports across platforms and locations. It’s often difficult for you to connect investment to revenue and return. It’s hard to pinpoint drivers of success or failure. Anaplan empowers you with shared insights so you can pursue accountability with clarity and conviction.

Anaplan Computer and Mobile dashboard examples

Underdeveloped resilience

Disruptive conditions make it hard to know what to do next.

Confronting the unexpected is a test of resilience. The ability to pivot quickly can help a company navigate around problems or reduce recovery time. Anaplan provides real-time insight, synchronized and shared across your enterprise so you can reduce the latency between identifying a problem and responding effectively with confidence.

Coworkers collaborating over computer