Anaplan For Marketing

Increase the effectiveness of marketing planning, performance, and spending

Connected Planning for Marketing

Marketing leaders prove the value of marketing activities by tying those activities to sales revenue. It’s cumbersome and costly to connect investment to returns when juggling spreadsheets and point solutions that are disconnected from the sales plan.
Anaplan for Marketing lets you connect your marketing spending and resource strategy to performance and corporate objectives. By using marketing performance management (MPM) to predict and optimize the impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketers can plan campaign spending and assign resources that most move the bottom line. With the Anaplan platform, you can define and track campaign success, instantly calculating predicted revenue from performance metrics like funnel conversion rates, deal size, and resources.
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The Connected Planning difference


Dynamically plan marketing activities and optimize marketing performance with speed and impact. With a real-time view into performance, you can quickly tweak channels and programs to enhance the bottom line.


With visibility and synergy between the sales forecast and marketing plans, sales and marketing can work collaboratively toward the same goals.


Create attribution models to ensure that marketing efforts are measured across all interaction points. Identify the touch points that drive revenue and deliver intelligent optimization for each campaign plan.

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