Intelligent and predictive planning platform

Connect internal and external data to uncover actionable planning insights

Connected Planning with Predictive Insights

As one of the largest and most advanced insights collection systems in the world, Anaplan Predictive Insights allows you to intelligently move at the speed of modern business by uncovering actionable planning insights within your data to gain a competitive advantage.

Leveraging both first and third-party data on millions of companies globally, our proprietary AI technology continuously gathers insights from businesses worldwide. These insights act as data inputs for Anaplan’s predictive models and produce intelligent, actionable recommendations to give you a powerful handle on complexity and change.

Anaplan Predictive Insights connects enterprise and market data and enables rich predictive modeling at scale to deliver actionable planning insights.

Self-serve platform with AI-driven insights

Proprietary AI technology that continuously gathers insights from businesses worldwide

Unlimited modeling capabilities

Advanced machine learning algorithms that iteratively self-optimize
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Real-time insights and account discovery

Predictive intelligence and intent data on millions of companies worldwide

Key benefits of Anaplan predictive insights

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Actionable Intelligence

Make faster, data-driven decisions using thousands of AI-enriched insights across enterprises worldwide

Predictive Modeling

Increase revenues and reduce costs with customized, flexible, and predictive modeling capabilities

Optimized Performance

Focus and invest tactical resources and efforts on the right opportunities to drive strategic business growth