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Intelligent and predictive planning platform

Connect internal and external data to uncover actionable planning insights

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Connected Planning with Predictive Insights

Activate the full potential of the valuable signals you collect across your company. Used strategically, they can deliver maximum competitive advantage and resilience. Anaplan offers rich signal analysis to uncover hidden possibilities and actionable directions. With conditions and markets continually changing, empower your enterprise with integrated signals from within your business, measured against worldwide inputs. So you can turn uncertainty to your advantage.

Anaplan Predictive Insights connects enterprise and market data and enables rich predictive modeling at scale to deliver actionable planning insights

Self-serve platform with AI-driven insights

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Proprietary AI technology that continuously gathers insights from businesses worldwide

Unlimited modeling capabilities

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Advanced machine learning algorithms that iteratively self-optimize

Real-time insights and account discovery

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Predictive intelligence and intent data on millions of companies worldwide

Key benefits of Anaplan Predictive Insights

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Make faster, data-driven decisions using thousands of AI-enriched insights across your enterprises, from edge to edge, worldwide in real time.

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Modeling Increase revenues and reduce costs with customized, flexible, and predictive modeling capabilities

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Focus and invest tactical resources and efforts on the right opportunities to drive strategic business growth

As a CEO, Predictive Insights are critical... Knowing that we're investing our resources and efforts in the right opportunities, gives me confidence in how we both make strategic decisions... and how we fundamentally determine the enterprise value of our business.

Aaron Bird, Founder & CEO, Bizible