Empowering HR to deliver workforce agility

Develop a dynamic workforce blueprint that enables you to successfully align and execute on your business strategies and operations. Drive cross-functional collaboration for improved talent and business decisions.

Today’s HR and workforce planning must be dynamic, continuous, and an extension of your strategic, operational, and financial plans.

The Anaplan platform enables HR organizations to build workforce readiness by connecting HR, finance, business data, and third-party sources to plan and model a range of workforce and talent strategies and scenarios.

Talent strategy

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Refine your talent strategy to close skill gaps and keep pace with changes. Deploy your talent where you need them most, with visibility into downstream impact.

Workforce planning

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Identify talent gaps that impede business success, model “what-if” scenarios, and assess financial impacts to optimize your workforce, manage risk, and drive results. Collaborate with leaders and deliver workforce plans tied to business strategy and performance.

Compensation modeling

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Create compensation plans and frameworks that underpin talent acquisition and retention with equity, diversity, and inclusion, and drive performance and results. Leverage shared insights to orchestrate compensation plans and fair practice across your enterprise.

Agile HR delivering the optimal workforce


Eliminate planning in silos

Foster real-time collaboration across your business functions

  • Save time and money by eliminating the maintenance and distribution of cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Bring transparency into your workforce and key metrics for talent and costs
  • Create a comprehensive, up-to-date digital model of your organization to streamline workforce planning
  • Drive engagement and collaboration on talent and budget decisions that are aligned with business strategy and priorities
Anaplan For HR and Workforce Honeycomb

Focus on insights that matter

Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and improve predictability.

  • Garner new visibility into teams and resources, risk, and change across your enterprise
  • Uncover a holistic view of your organization by connecting key data, such as recruitment, headcount, equity and rewards, succession, and diversity and inclusion
  • Use rich analytics and statistical capabilities to examine key talent metrics and drill into details to reveal meaningful insights to inform smarter actions
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HR’s impact. Reimagine the future- today

Model scenarios and evaluate tactics to determine best plans

  • Realize scenario planning potential with Anaplan’s continuous modeling and forecasting
  • Augment your plan’s talent requirements with cost, hiring, attrition, and other relevant data to create an accurate forecast
  • Enable collaboration across teams for evaluating and refining plans, driving toward business goals
Anaplan Product Dashboard

Execute with real-time visibility and orchestrated action

Respond swiftly to market and talent supply changes

  • Engage leaders, managers, and practitioners across finance, HR, and operational groups to ensure aligned and accurate workforce plans
  • Pivot workforce plans quickly and effectively while staying in lockstep across business areas
  • Drive decisions and actions that are autonomous but coordinated locally and globally
Anaplan Product Dashboard
With Anaplan, having a better forecast helps us mitigate risk, particularly around spikes in demand.
David Webb, Head of Forecasting, South Central Ambulance Service