May 30, 2019

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Students gain competitive edge with Anaplan University Connect

Anaplan Press Release

New program exposes students to the latest data science methods, empowering them with modern planning and data analysis skills that are crucial in global hiring market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 30, 2019 — Anaplan, Inc. (NYSE:PLAN), a pioneer in Connected Planning, formally launched Anaplan University Connect, a program committed to equipping university students with the competitive analytical and decision-making skills to address the needs of today’s global marketplace.

The Anaplan University Connect program works closely with leading universities around the globe to develop and deliver a model building curriculum that incorporates the latest data science methods to modern business planning practices. With valuable and real-world data analysis skills, students from the program can be hired to quickly contribute to the digital transformation efforts of enterprise companies.

One example is Jaymin Patel, a recent graduate from the Parker College of Business at Georgia Southern University. He secured a data analyst role at global data analytics and technology company Equifax after taking several Anaplan Model Building courses through the Anaplan University Connect program. He will be recognized as the first recipient of the ‘Student Anaplanner of the Year’ award during Anaplan’s Connected Planning Xperience (CPX) conference in San Francisco, June 10-12, 2019.

“Having an Anaplan model building certificate really helped Jaymin distinguish himself from other candidates,” said Julie Anderson, Sales Operations System & Analytics Leader at Equifax. “At Equifax, the Anaplan platform has transformed our sales planning with optimized territory and quota (T&Q) management and sales forecasting. The fact that Jaymin already knows how to use the planning tool for modeling and forecasting means he can immediately add value to our organization. These are the skills that can propel a career at Equifax.”

The Anaplan University Connect program is designed to provide a competitive edge for students seeking jobs within Anaplan’s fast-growing customer and partner ecosystem, which includes many customers from the Global Fortune 500 list of companies. The program includes various universities, such as California Polytechnic State University, University of Illinois Chicago, Georgia Southern University, and Singapore Management University.

A poll, conducted by Gallup for the Business-Higher Education Forum, revealed that by 2021, 69% of employers expect candidates with data science and analytics skills to get preference for jobs in their organizations. Yet only 23% of college and university leaders say their graduates will have those skills.

“The demand for skilled talent has never been greater,” said Simon Tucker, Chief Planning Officer at Anaplan. “The University Connect program turns classrooms at leading universities into real-world learning environments where students can gain hands-on experience with industry-leading planning tools like the Anaplan platform. Whether through university partnerships, hackathons, workshops, or industry contests, we’re committed to empowering the next generation of the workforce to best position themselves for outstanding careers within the Anaplan ecosystem.”

Students and professors participating in the program have been invited to join Anaplan at its CPX conference, where students will participate in a hackathon at its San Francisco headquarters on June 10, 2019 alongside Anaplan customers and partners. The hackathon offers students the opportunity to network with leading employers and showcase their planning and model-building skills for real-world challenges.

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