Trust & Integrity

Security and data privacy

Our customers trust Anaplan with the data that drives their business forward, so our platform is designed with security and privacy at the forefront. For us, it’s more than just compliance, it’s about safeguarding our customers’ data and giving them control over their privacy choices to keep their business protected.

Our Global Information Security team is responsible for overseeing Anaplan’s data security and privacy programs and practices. Visit the Anaplan Trust Center to learn more about our data and security practices.

To learn more about security at Anaplan, read our security white paper.

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Ethical and responsible conduct

Living our values every day requires us to act ethically and with integrity, from productively interacting with stakeholders and colleagues, to proactively addressing workplace issues. It requires high standards of corporate governance.

We encourage all employees to act like owners by upholding our commitments, acting ethically, and complying with our policies. We adhere to the law and we prohibit illegal and unethical business practices, including bribery, corruption, and insider trading.

We provide mandatory annual compliance training, covering our code of conduct, data protection and security, anti-bribery and corruption, preventing workplace harassment, and unconscious bias.

Access more information on our ethical standards and expectations: